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Who We Are…

Love Your Story podcast was started by two neighbors who love story, know the power of story, and want to help empower others by sharing the multi-faceted tool of story. Matt Kjar is a cameraman who, among other jobs, currently travels the country with BYU TV recording stories of people in whatever state the dart lands on that week. He is the technical side of this partnership, editing the podcasts and shooting video. He and his family will be touring the country in a trailer in 2017 finding and creating stories wherever they roam. Lori Lee is the writer and producer of the Love Your Story podcast. Her master's degree work, in the field of Folklore at Utah State University, took her on a path of in-depth study of the personal narrative. She writes professionally, and has for 25 years, collecting, creating, and sharing stories through her articles and research. Now we want to share with you all the crazy and powerful insights you can gain from understanding story and the power it has in our lives. Tune in every Wednesday for a new podcast episode. Please subscribe and review us. We want you to be part of our community!
  • We are excited to create a community of folks who find these concepts interesting. 
  • We want to hear from you about what you like in our podcast so we can give you more of it.
  • Every Wednesday a new episode will hit the airwaves - tune in!
  • Each podcast has a challenge at the end. Come back to the website and post your results on the 'contact' page.
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