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Episode 56 Interview: Access Fund National Conservation Team – Climbing the Nose of El Cap

Access Fund

Interview: Access Fund National Conservation Team – Climbing the Nose of El Cap The Access Fund is a non-profit committed to protecting climbing access and the integrity of America’s outdoor rock climbing areas. They face issues like loss of areas as private land is lost to development, or public land managers regulate the areas, or…

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Episode 55 Interview with the Higgenbotham Brothers – Paddle Boarding the West Coast of the U.S.

Higgenbothom bros

The Higgenbotham twins are lifeguards from Southern California, endurance athletes, and surfers. Deciding, on a handshake, to undertake the adventure of a lifetime, the two brothers set out to prone paddleboard, using only their hands to propel them, from Alaska to Mexico, down the entire West coast of the United States – 2200 miles, in 2016. A feat never before done, the two experienced, cold, deprivation, broken boards, lost equipment, storms, the kindness of strangers, and moments where they made life affirming decisions. Join me for the live interview with the Higgenbothams after their completion of their trek, and to hear some of their stories.

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Episode 54: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Stories we tell ourselves

When I was 10 years old my mom and dad went out for the evening and I was put in charge of babysitting my younger brothers and sister. There were 4 of us. It was dark outside and we were getting ready for bed when suddenly there was a knock on the front door. Who was it? There was no peephole and we looked back and forth at one another. We whispered little questions like “do you know who it is?” “was someone supposed to come over?” “what if it’s a murderer?” Our body language and big eyes perpetuated the story that there was something to be afraid of… Tune in for the rest of the story, and a few thoughts on how we create the stories that propel us forward or hold us back.

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Episode 53 Interview with Rob Holmes – BUSINESS – Founder and Chief Strategist of GLP Films: How to Identify Your Next Great Story

Rob Holmes

Interview with Rob Holmes – Founder and Chief Strategist of GLP Films How to Identify Your Next Great Story Welcome back to the Love Your Story podcast! Today we are back in business interview land where we talk with professionals who have learned the true value of story in business, and they share their knowledge…

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Episode 52 Interview with Star Coulbrooke – Poet Laureate of Logan, Utah

Star Coulbrooke

Poets take language and weave it into a story that explores the dark corners, the emotional epiphanies, the roller coaster ride of living and dreaming, and the mundane. Poets weave truth, imaginings, blessings, and riots of color. They weave the raw, the vulnerable, the real, and then they sleep on it and start again in the living of their own stories and watching the world and the stories unfolding all around us. Star Coulbrooke, the Poet Laureate of Logan, Utah, has her own story of how she found her poetry, lost her poetry, and found it again as she created her life on purpose. In this interview Star shares some of her personal story, stories and experiences she’s created as the Poet Laureate in a northern Utah university town, and we discuss how the process of living our lives is the process of creating poetry through the details and emotion involved in the wild ride of life. Join us for this beautiful conversation with a woman who creates poetry and helps others to find the poetry in their own lives.

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