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Episode 040 A Facebook Post About How To Create Your Dreams


A Facebook Post About How To Create Your Dreams  There are moments in our lives when someone succinctly verbalizes our beliefs and understanding in a clear and perfect fashion, and we say “Yes! That is exactly what I have come to know,” or “Yes, that is exactly what I think.” This happened to me this…

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Episode 039 Interview with Matt Garner – Speaker and CEO of Longboard PR

Matt Longboard

Matt Garner, CEO of Longboard PR and public speaker, specializes in helping people understand how to connect with their audience, and he’s a real fan of story. Tune in for his 5 tips on what you must make your audience do to connect with them through story.

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Episode 038 You Must Be Present to Win – Sensual Living

Must be presnt finished

May Swenson said, “Not to be fully aroused to the potentialities of one’s senses means to walk the flat ground of appearances.” What this means is You Must Be Present to Win. Stay with us today for some thoughts on using your senses to bring the richness out of your story. The best and most interesting stories are full of rich detail. Not only is this an important technique in writing in order to take your reader where you want them to go and to help them recreate the scene in their own minds, it becomes an important part of living your own story – being fully present and aware within your own life, being in the present is required to take home the prize.

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Episode 037 Interview with Courtney Zollinger – How I Recovered from Binge Eating Disorder


Courtney Zollinger is the author of the Snatching Sunshine blog. She began the blog to help others understand Binge Eating Disorder and to share her story in overcoming. Living in Rocklin, California Courtney is a wife and mother of a beautiful 2-year-old girl. Courtney has Bing eating disorder and has learned how to overcome. She wants to raise awareness of BED because it’s a common disorder that isn’t often discussed. On today’s podcast we hear her story, how she discovered what she had, and tools she found to help her get it under control.

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Episode 036 Tips and Techniques for Better Storytelling

better stories

Tips and Techniques for Better Storytelling I was speaking at a business event the other day and afterward someone said, “I’d love to have some tips that I could work on, so I can tell better stories. Do you have a newsletter you can send me?” I told him about the weekly inspirational thought that…

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