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Overcoming that Critical Inner Voice and the Stories it Creates

We all have it…that critical inner voice that sounds a lot like ourselves but is meaner than a caged wet cat with a child pulling its tail. Yes, you’re not the only one with a voice in your head that tells you you’re ugly, that tells you not to even try, that tries to get you to believe that you’re different, in a bad way, from everyone around you. It’s a little different for everyone, but most of us have a critical inner narrator that seems bent on criticizing us. The results of this determine the trajectories of our lives, so really, it’s a pretty big deal. Read on for 4 steps to start taking charge.

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Episode 51 The March for Utah’s Public Lands – Being an Instigator of Change in the Bigger Story

Join us today for interviews with those who marched on the Utah State Capital to make a peaceful but loud protest regarding the Utah government officials attempt to reverse the Bears Ears National Monument designation that was established in December of 2016 before President Obama left office. We go straight to the march and you get to hear their stories.

Episode 50 How to Re-frame Your Difficult Stories: Step 5 (Workshop 5-part Series)

At any given moment you have the power to say, “This is NOT how the story is going to end.” Join us today as we discuss the 5th and final step in reframing the chapters of your story that feel broken. Today we’ll put all the previous steps together to come to the final reframing of your story. Get ready to rewrite the broken chapters for good.

Episode 49 How to Re-Frame Your Difficult Stories: Step 4 (Workshop 5-Part Series)

How to Reframe Your Difficult Stories: 5 Part Workshop Series: Step 4– Changing Lenses A farmer stood with his dog overlooking his fields. Behind them in the grasses peered a small brown rabbit, and above flew a lark. The farmer looked across the field and saw cows, milk, provisions for his family, a new car. The…

Episode 48 How to Re-frame Your Difficult Stories: Step 3 (Workshop 5-part Series)

A crucial step in being able to find peace in our most painful stories is the step of finding some purpose for them, some meaning, something that we can take away from the darkness, sacrifice, or pain that paved the path we walked. Tune in this week for Step 3 in the 5 Steps to Reframing your Story.

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