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Episode 154: 2nd Annual Stories of Appreciation: Giving Thanks

What is the appreciation challenge? Last year in episode 62  we had the 1st Stories of Appreciation episode where I asked specific people to identify someone in their lives who was under-appreciated and to show them profound appreciation, and then to share with us the experience.  Stay tuned to hear the four stories and get ideas for how to plant these seeds in your own life.

Episode 153 Climb Every Mountain: the quest to do hard things – Interview David Roskelly

Sitting atop the world at 29,029 feet elevation is not something everyone has on their bucket list, but David Roskelley had a whole lot more than just that day in 2013 on top of Everest. He also summited the other 8 highest peaks on the 7 continents, as well as the 7 highest volcanoes. Tune in for our talk about doing hard things.

Episode 152 What Do You Love About YOUR Life Story?

Episode 152 What Do You Love About YOUR Life Story? Welcome back to the Love Your Story Podcast. Today we are talking about what you love about your life story. I walked the streets, with microphone in hand, of Salt Lake City, Utah to find out what people love about their life story. Today I…

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Episode 151 Finding Your Way to Healing: Interview Bethany Wallace

As we share stories around the technological campfire sometimes it seems the main tale is about the character who causes the harm and their path to destruction or learning. But there is also the other side of the story. The story of the victims, those affected by the poor choices of others. Today’s guest had an alcoholic father, two alcoholic husbands, and survived multiple sexual assaults and exploitations before the age of 20. Stay tuned as we hear Bethany’s story of triumph and her path to healing – a 12-step recovery program giving her the strength and insight to overcome, forgive, learn and take action. Her path to healing and mine were different, but we are celebrating and discussing how our paths to healing are different for everyone. Your path will come if you are open to it.

Episode 150: The Happiness Guru Is In: Interview with Andy Proctor

Who doesn’t want to be happy? When you ask someone what they want in life, the most common answer is “to be happy.” Often the idea of happiness is considered one of chance, luck, or the blessed, but the truth is that your happiness depends only upon the story you create in your own mind about your life. Today’s guest is a certified positive psychology practitioner who has been teaching the science of human flourishing to mass media audiences for the past 5 years. He is the host of the More Happy Life podcast and has been featured in The New York Times, ABC News, Fox Business and many other national publications. He is currently on the board of TEDxBYU and is the director of the 1000 Words speaker series. Tune in to hear some tips on happy.

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