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Episode 70 Sharing Stories to Create Understanding

The stories that make up our lives are the building blocks, that when put together, explain, in large part, who we are because they illustrate the paths we’ve walked and the decisions we’ve made or not made. When these stories are shared we open the doors to understanding one another, and that changes everything. Stay tuned for a discussion on understanding one another better through the sharing and listening to stories, and for a story about a girl in turquoise cowboy boots.

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Episode 69 Interview with Ben Amos from Engage with Story – BUSINESS – Using Video Strategically

Are you using video to market your business? Are you implimenting strategy around those videos? Today we embark on a business episode in our interview with Ben Amos from Austrailia. Ben is a passionate online video strategist and the host of Engage with Story podcast. He is the founder and creative director of Innovate Media; an online video strategy and production agency based in Queensland, Australia. His podcast is all about exploring the power of storytelling in moving people to action in your business strategy. He talks with expert story artists from around the world deep diving into storytelling for business. I’ve asked him on the podcast today to talk about the angle of strategy.

Episode 68: Kick Off 2018 with the 21-Day Challenge

Love Your Story was created to help people realize that their life stories are within their control. A platform for ideas and tools that help us shape our life stories and create them on purpose with more joy, love, satisfaction, or whatever you want to write into the story you create with your every day living. Well, since we went live in October of 2016 we have talked every week about a variety of these tools, with the hope in mind that those who are listening are getting ideas, inspiration and empowerment to create healthy, happy, and strong stories, rather than small, scared and heavily burdened life stories that often just come with the territory of living.

But…that’s a lot of tools. If you’re anything like me, it’s all fine and dandy to know what you should do, but when there is too much to do I just shut down. I go into overwhelm mode and I don’t do anything.

Well, today we launch the 21-Day Challenge, just in time to start off  2018 with a bang!  Do you want to live brave, bold and joyful as you create your daily story? Well, Love Your Story is about helping you do this,– here is where the 21-Day Challenge comes in. Listen in for an explanation of this fun challenge to start your year off strong and full of growth and possibility.

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Can You Relate? 15 Memes to Expose Your Inner Voice

All of us know that inner voice. It’s a constant companion that we know as ourselves. This inside voice can also sound like a parent, a coach, or a spouse. Interestingly, science has even found, that when your inner voice is talking, your larynx in your throat actually makes micro-movements, as if you were talking. Your brain lights up like a Christmas tree in the corner of your brain as YOU literally narrate your own life, your actions, and your perceptions. Here’s the thing though, your inner voice can also be your WORST ENEMY if you let it. By taking control of that voice you take control of your future. Enjoy this innervoice journey with these memes.

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Episode 67 Habits – Breaking Bad: 3 Steps to Reprogramming your Habits

What is a new year if not a time to create resolutions, feel crappy when we don’t really keep them, and then create stories in our minds about how we never follow through! Yay – happy new year and welcome back to the habit of attempting a new start toward better ways at the beginning of each new year. We always mean so well. Today, I have a solution that actually has a pretty strong chance of success – a 3 step process that works for changing bad habits.

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