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Episode 79 Interview with Diane Butterfield: Part 1 – You Can’t Choose What Happens to You, but You Can Choose How You Respond

Diane Butterfield’s story wracked my heart. A woman who lives in Northern Utah with a sign on her fridge that says “Fair is something you go to in the fall.” If anyone feels life has treated them unfairly, listen in to Diane’s story for a staggering dose of tragedy and loss of half of her family, and the inspirational picture of how one woman chose, on purpose, how to keep going despite tremendous loss and struggle. I share her story because it illustrates a woman’s journey through the darkest spaces and the choices to stand back up each time.

Episode 78 Interview Ganel-Lyn Condie-Trust the Process

Ganel-Lyn Condie has a talk out on CD called You Are Already Walking on Water, and a new book coming out called You Are More Than Enough, if that’s all I knew about Ganel-Lyn I’d definitely want to talk to her, because I love the people who celebrate our human realness and uplift as we seek to find our way through the messiness of life. This interview with Ganel-Lyn is an inspiring story where we learn how she went from being a managing editor to being the author of 7 books, becoming a popular motivational speaker known for inspiring others with her unique honesty, authenticity and spirit,.and then we’ll get into a discussion on TIMING, on KNOWING YOU ARE ENOUGH, and ultimately on TRUSTING THE PROCESS. Tune in!

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Episode 77 Interview with Mark Asquith – BUSINESS – Origin Stories: The past defining the future

Every story has a life, and every life has a story.  Today on the Love Your Story podcast I bring to you Mark Asquith, from England, successful entrepreneur also known as the Hot Dog kid. Why do I bring this up – the incident with the hot dog? Because it’s a catalytic story in Mark’s life that made such an impact that over 20 years later it still helps him define what he wants, who he is, and who he isn’t. Stay tuned for my interview with Mark and find out how a sausage can shape your personal brand.

Episode 76 Body Talk – Stories from the Inner Critic

Looking in the mirror has for many, become one of the most uncomfortable things we do. Uncomfortable because the minute we do the inner critic hammers away. It’s universal. You’re not alone. Criticizing the physical form we each inhabit is a rampant and pervasive story no matter where you live or who you are. Keep listening for a discussion on body talk, recrafting body stories, and why we’re all in this together.

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Episode 75 The Search for Annie Schmidt: Part 3

On Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 Annie Schmidt, daughter of Jon Schmidt, famous for his piano playing in the Piano Guys, and Michelle Schmidt, was reported missing. Over the next month, hundreds of people and search dogs embarked on what became an ordeal that gained national attention as the search for her unfolded. This third episode in the three-part series includes interviews with Annie’s mother -Michelle, the woman who found Annie’s body – Lydia Mcgranahan, and another participant who was key in helping to find Annie – Marty Newey. This third and final episode takes us to when Annie’s body was found, to her funeral where Lydia hears Annie speak to her, and where finding Annie is also losing Annie.

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