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Episode 130 Believe. Believe. Believe: A Few Words on Living with Faith

Do we ever know our way forward, completely? I seldom do. I’m always walking one step further into the darkness hoping it’s the right direction. When we are trying new things and taking risks – living into possibility, this is the landscape. What does it take to leap into the light….a leap into the dark.

Episode 129 Interview Emma Houston: Your Fierceness-Own it! Live it!

What does it mean to accept your own fierce beauty? What does it look like to face cancer with faith in your journey? Emma Houston was appointed in 2016 as Diversity and Inclusion Director by mayor Ben McAdams for the Salt Lake County’s Office of Diversity Affairs. She is the former chairwoman of the Governor’s Office of Ethnic Affairs and former secretary for the YWCA Board and UAA Board. She is a cancer survivor and serves on the Huntsman Cancer Foundation Community Advisory Committee. She is also the chair for the Martin Luther King Commission. She’s here today because she is also a cheerleader–a cheerleader reminding us of our own fierce beauty, power, and control over our growth and attitudes, no matter what life throws our way. Tune in for some cheering!

Episode 128: Let’s Talk about Stress Baby

What if stress isn’t what you’ve always thought it was? I’m going to start today’s discussion with some scientific research and then we’re going to hear from folks like the Dalai Lama and Marcus Aurelius, and when we’re done, you just might see things a little differently. You’ll definitely see how much YOU control your stress levels. Tune in!!

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Episode 127 Interview Laurann Turner: Every Single Day

Laurann Turner is the author of Every Single Day. Every Single Day we create the next page in our story. Every single day we choose how to live and what thoughts to let dominate our minds. Every Single Day we create or destroy, we hide or we throw the doors open and live boldly. Every Single Day we have choice. What does your day look and feel like? What changes might you need to make to enjoy the journey Every Single Day? Tune in for our discussion and a dose of inspiration.

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Episode 126 The Dating Challenge: 35 Dates for Her 35th Birthday – Interview with Katie Houston

Katie Houston is a thirty-something high school choir teacher who woke up early in the morning a couple days before her 35th birthday and spontaneously set a crazy goal: She was going on 35 dates in 3 months using social media to help connect her with new people. She launched her experiment by asking friends and family on Facebook and Instagram to set her up and she stayed active on dating apps. She also appeared on a Facebook live show called, “Friday Night Love” and discussed her experiment. Tune in as we follow her LOVE challenge and let’s see if she falls in love…

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