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Episode 65 Interview with Annadel Lemon: Take Back Your Power

When Annadel was 15 years old her father shot her mother and then killed himself in a tragedy that certainly created a difficult story for Annadel. Instead of letting her story hold her back Annadel, “The Freedom Warrior,” instead decided to use her experiences of overcoming negative emotional trauma to help others clearly see their potential and do the same thing, reframing with gratitude, perspective shifts, and allowing for the grief of the moment to be okay. She uses tried and true mentoring techniques and lessons learned on her own journey to help others be more successful, healthy and create better relationships in their lives.  Tune in to hear her story.

Episode 64 Interview with Emily Chipman – BUSINESS – Managing the Stories Others Have About US

Is it important to address or manage the stories other people have about us? Is it even possible to change the stories others have about us? Today I interview Emily Chipman, an impressive and talented woman and executive coach of CEO of Rusman Consulting. This business-based episode gives hands-on tools for how to manage the stories others have about us, if we need to do so. tune in for actionable steps for changing the way people see you.

Episode 63 – One Warm Coat: Keeping the World Warm One Coat at a Time

As we round our way toward the holiday season I wanted to interview a person or group who were doing some good in the world. In 2015 USA Today reported that cold kills 20 times more people than heat does, and an article in 2016 by Climate Depot claims that the US annual averages 144,000 deaths from cold. So let me introduce One Warm Coat. One Warm Coat is a national non-profit organization that works to provide a free, warm coat to any person in need. They support anyone –  individuals, groups, companies, and organizations across the country by providing the tools and resources needed to hold a successful coat drive. Coats are distributed in the communities where they were collected, to children and adults in need, without charge, discrimination or obligation. Today I interview their National Founder and Board Chair Sherri Lewis Wood.

Episode 62 Stories of Appreciation: Giving Thanks

Episode 62 Stories of Appreciation: Giving Thanks I read a quote once that said, “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.” I’m not sure who said it, but I know this is true because of how I feel when someone shows appreciation to me. It’s one of the easiest…

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Episode 61 Interview with the Kjars from 50×52: Update on their Travels Around the US

In episode 45 we spoke with the Kjar family (Matt, Lindsay and their 4 kids) as they were in the first few months of their trip, via travel trailer, around the United States of America to see what makes us united. Their children get to shadow other children across the country who have very different lives and see how different and how similar we all are. Today we revisit them, a few months later, to catch up on their newest tales. Just having completed hitting 25 of the 50 states of America they have more stories to tell. Tune in to follow along with what they are doing, learning, and experiencing.

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