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Episode 83 Interview Wendy Garrett – Life is Tough, but I’m Tougher

Wendy Garrett was a lifetime gymnast and gymnastics coach until an auto accident in Bermuda left her left leg paralyzed. Tune in for her story and her process of learning to trust God, his timing, and his bigger picture for us. Life is tough, but I am tougher, was her refrain as she shares what it took, and takes, to make it through those spaces in our story where we are up against the antagonists of our lives.

Episode 82: Hearing From Those Inside the 21-Day Challenge

The 21-Day Challenge launched in January and I wanted to give you a peek into what the challenge has been creating for those who have jumped on the bandwagon and accepted the challenge.

Today’s episode contains stories from four of the 21-Day Challenge participants so you can hear about some of the challenges, you can hear what the participants think of the challenges, and you can get a feel for the type of experiences being generated. I hope you’ll enjoy the stories they shared…I know I did. Powerful stuff!

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Episode 81 Relative Race: Interview with the host Dan Debenham -Reality TV Helping People Find Family

Today I’m sitting at Roots Tech, the genealogy tradeshow at the Salt Palace in the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City. Dan Debenham, the host of the popular and highly acclaimed reality TV show Relative Race, and I, are sitting inside a bright lime green car, used by one of the teams in the reality show. We are sitting in here as a type of sound booth, so we can talk about the show, get the stories of the family members found, of the season highlights, and hear about people finding the characters in their stories that they didn’t even know were a part of their stories.  

Episode 80 Interview with Diane Butterfield – Part 2: You Can’t Choose What Happens to You, but You Can Choose How You Respond

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Today is episode 80, which ends a 2-part series of interviews with Diane Butterfield. So far in her story we’ve learned of her infertility, the creation of her family, the loss of two of her children and the struggle to survive job loss and bankruptcy amidst it all. If you’re just joining us, go back and listen to episode 79 first so you can get the first part of the story. Today we follow Diane through the suicide, perseverance, and finding hope….eventually. This series keeps it real – sometimes healing is a long process, but we can choose our response to the most difficult and painful life events.

Episode 79 Interview with Diane Butterfield: Part 1 – You Can’t Choose What Happens to You, but You Can Choose How You Respond

Diane Butterfield’s story wracked my heart. A woman who lives in Northern Utah with a sign on her fridge that says “Fair is something you go to in the fall.” If anyone feels life has treated them unfairly, listen in to Diane’s story for a staggering dose of tragedy and loss of half of her family, and the inspirational picture of how one woman chose, on purpose, how to keep going despite tremendous loss and struggle. I share her story because it illustrates a woman’s journey through the darkest spaces and the choices to stand back up each time.

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