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Episode 73 The Search for Annie Schmidt: Part 1

On Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 Annie Schmidt, daughter of Jon Schmidt, famous for his piano playing in the Piano Guys, and Michelle Schmidt, was reported missing. Over the next month, hundreds of people and search dogs embarked on what became an ordeal that gained national attention as the search for her unfolded. This three-part series includes interviews with Annie’s mother -Michelle, the woman who found Lydia’s body – Lydia Mcgranahan, and another participant who was key in helping to find Annie – Marty Newey. This series starts out introducing Annie and Lydia – the woman who found her,  and we jump into the inspiration that brought a woman who had no idea who Annie was into the search in the Columbia River Gorge.

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Episode 72 What Is A Threshold Guardian? What Blocks Your Forward Progress?

Have you ever been blocked in life? You’re cruising along, headed toward your goal or something you want, and BAM, something challenges you? Of course, you have! It’s a part of everyday life. So, let’s talk about a perspective shift here on this topic – what if that block is just a threshold guardian? Tune in to find out what I’m talking about.

Episode 71 A Story about Zimbabwe, Three Professional Golfers, and a Whole Lotta Love

This story starts with Reeve, a coach on the professional women’s European golf tour, who in 1996 was walking through the children’s ward in a hospital in Zimbabwe. As she walked through the ward she met a  12-year-old girl who had been blinded when she was 8, by bi-lateral cataracts. Long story short, after a 15 minute surgery, this young girl who hadn’t been able to see her families faces, or where she was walking, or a sunrise or sunset for 4 years, later had the bandaged removed and her eyesight restored. Reeve cried at the miracle of it. Of how little it took to give so much back to another person. Cataract surgery costs $20 US, for supplies. Tune in for the story of how this one event created a big and beautiful project that has blessed the lives of thousands of people across the world.

Episode 70 Sharing Stories to Create Understanding

The stories that make up our lives are the building blocks, that when put together, explain, in large part, who we are because they illustrate the paths we’ve walked and the decisions we’ve made or not made. When these stories are shared we open the doors to understanding one another, and that changes everything. Stay tuned for a discussion on understanding one another better through the sharing and listening to stories, and for a story about a girl in turquoise cowboy boots.

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Episode 69 Interview with Ben Amos from Engage with Story – BUSINESS – Using Video Strategically

Are you using video to market your business? Are you implimenting strategy around those videos? Today we embark on a business episode in our interview with Ben Amos from Austrailia. Ben is a passionate online video strategist and the host of Engage with Story podcast. He is the founder and creative director of Innovate Media; an online video strategy and production agency based in Queensland, Australia. His podcast is all about exploring the power of storytelling in moving people to action in your business strategy. He talks with expert story artists from around the world deep diving into storytelling for business. I’ve asked him on the podcast today to talk about the angle of strategy.

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