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Episode 117 Interview Donna Marino – My Dad Died on 9-11 in the Twin Towers

We all know of the tragedy of 9-11, you probably remember where you were at when you heard the news. Today I interview Donna Marino, a woman whose father, an electrician in the twin-towers, passed away on that fateful and terrible day. She takes us inside her story of events and shares how she worked through victimhood into a space her dad would be proud of – a space of releasing, renewing, and helping others through her work as a licensed clinical psychologist to do the same.

Episode 116 The Key to Your Super Self – How your Stories unlock your Power

The Key to Your Super Self was originally an audio/e-book to help people become aware of the stories they tell themselves and how those stories either unlock their superpowers of self-love, faith and belief in our own possibility, or how those stories are key in causing us to live small lives.

We bring it to you on today’s podcast – the full audio version, as a Christmas treat for your mind-set empowerment.

Episode 115 Interview Sara Dean: A Story of the Struggle with Infertility

Have you or someone you know struggled with infertility? Sara Dean – the creator and host of the popular podcast the Shameless Mom Academy, tells us her story of infertility, going through the emotional process of combating infertility, and the life changes that came as she successfully got pregnant with her son Vinny.  “I’m getting an F in making babies,” she bemoaned as she and her husband traveled this road of eager desperation. Tune in for the story of her journey, and our discussion on how we acquire life tools that help us stay healthy through these moments that bring you to your knees.

Episode 114 Law of the Harvest

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. One of my favorite sayings is “Tomorrow Begins Today.”  I have the saying, torn from a magazine, stuck with one lone magnet to the front of my fridge. I look at it every day because it reminds me that what I am doing right now, in this moment, isn’t just about today, it’s about the law of the harvest. It’s about creating what I want in my life tomorrow, going forward. It’s about planting the seeds for the fruits I want to come forth. It’s about karma. It’s about active creation from a big picture perspective. It’s about planting and nurturing seeds in work, in relationships, in self-development, in learning. Tomorrow begins today and that means today is a powerful space to occupy.

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113 Remembering Kylee Bruce: Tips on dealing with Loss and Grief

Kylee Bruce was killed in a car wreck. She was carrying her boyfriend’s child and as he came upon the scene to inquire about who was involved in the wreck, the police surrounded him as they discovered who he was looking for. They knew she had been killed and they didn’t want him to get hurt there on the busy highway. Today I interview Kylees mother and her boyfriend Brandon. We get the whole story and we also talk about dealing with loss and grief.

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