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Episode 135 Divorce Panel

Marriage and divorce are both common experiences in our culture. Ninety percent of people get married by the time they are 50, and 40-50% end up divorced. None of us get married with the intention of getting divorced, so traversing this slippery mountain slope is not something any of us come prepared for. Today I have asked 5 people who have been through divorce to sit on a panel and share their stories and advice on the topic of divorce. Tune in for some wisdom from people who have walked the path – Doug, Kathy, Jae, Rebekah, and Robb.

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Episode 134 Living Intentional and Fearless Every day

Episode 134 Living Intentional and Fearless Every day   Eleanor Roosevelt said, “in the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” In other words: Happiness is an inside job and we are VERY POWERFUL beings.…

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Episode 133 Interview Emily and Erik Orton – Seven at Sea: What Could Go Right?

Erik Orton worked a temp job night shift in a cubicle in Manhattan to help provide for his wife and their five children, the youngest with Down Syndrome. Erik watched the sailboats on the Hudson River during his breaks and dared to dream that life could be more than just surviving. Despite having no sailing experience, his wife Emily’s phobia of deep water and already being financially stretched, the family of seven turned their excuses into reasons and their fears into motivation as they set off on a voyage that ultimately took them 5000 miles from New York to the Caribbean and back. Tune in for one of my favorite interviews.

Episode 132 Interview Rebecca Cookston – Deviate

What does it mean to deviate? In the book Deviate, the Science of Seeing Differently, by Beau Lotto, he discusses the idea of looking at things differently in order to get different results. The word deviate is more about choosing what not to look at, in order to create a new experience.  Today I am talking with Rebecca Cookston is a personal friend of mine. Divorced four times and realizing that she needed to made some mind shifts she started learning to deviate. Tune in today for what that looks like and how it changed her outcomes.

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Episode 131 Interview Katie Lee- It’s Inspirational Music Time

Today’s episode is an inspirational music treat. Tune in for 3 original songs from the singer/songwriter Katie Lee and let her music buoy your day. You might even want to get the free download and become her regular fan. We’ll talk about her process of navigating her own trials and developing her love of music and skill as a songwriter/singer/producer. Don’t miss these songs. She’s amazing.

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