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The Journey for our Personal Legend – Guest Blogger: Erin Sorensen

After a trip to Nepal for humanitarian work, Erin arrives back in the U.S. ” …without jobs or a home of our own, we decided to pack five boxes of essential items in the back of our car and took off on a cross-country trip to figure out where we should go next. The first few weeks of the journey were exciting and adventurous as we visited 16 new states and met with friends and family along the way. When we told people we were traveling across the country to “find ourselves” it sounded cool and special…. I finally found a position working as an AmeriCorps volunteer with a refugee resettlement organization in the D.C. area. It was the perfect fit! I wasn’t concerned that the pay was next to nothing and that I was jumping into something way outside my comfort zone because when the opportunity came my heart knew that it was right. It was meant to be a part of the journey to realize my personal legend. Things just seemed to fall into place…until they didn’t.

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Fog vs. the Bahamas

Last Sunday I woke up, had no plans for vacation and by noon I’d booked a cruise to the sunny Bahamas for me and my boys–leaving in 5 days. No more of this crud for us, we are heading out to find the sun again! At least that was the plan. We’ve been sitting in the plane, on the tarmac for three hours. A little like life? Yes.

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Gratitude: Rocks, Ribs and Ruminations

Gratitude can be a way of seeing life – a way of living. We can be compelled by experience to be grateful for what we have, or we can purposefully choose the path of grateful living and the abundance to which it leads. Just a few thoughts on the topic…for more, tune into podcast episode 018!

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Old Black Terry – Guest Blogger Naomie Barnes

The family went to bed, and Papa buried down deep in his blankets with Old Black Terry, his dog, sleeping at his feet. Several hours later Papa woke up to hear Terry barking madly in the other room. At first he tried to ignore him, but eventually, Papa got up, walked into the main room of the house, and saw Terry barking at…take a read to find out about Terry and Papa and the legacy they created.

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