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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Little Red

Every day we write our own stories with the choices we make. Remember the “choose your own ending” story books in grade school? At each junction in the story the reader could choose what the protagonist would do. “If you go to grandmother’s house, turn to page 6. If you go to the lake with your friends, turn to page 68.” The story was different depending upon the choices you made. Now that we’re all grown up, we make these choices every day. Some days are bigger than others. How can the story change with even the smallest change in our choices? Read on for some thoughts on the way we shape our stories.

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Once Upon A Time – Not Just for Kids Anymore (Business)

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  Once Upon A Time – Not Just for Kids Anymore   Project managers have a big job. They have people to coordinate, resources to manage, projects that have to be taken from concept to completion, and they are the responsible party for seeing that it’s done correctly and on time. This is no small…

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The Love Your Story Podcast Origin Story – How It All Started


Everything has a story. Whenever something begins there is a reason it was created – a reason the idea was conceived, a reason someone put effort into its creation, a reason it was born. That is the origin story. Knowing where a company, a product, and idea, a movement came from gives a set of roots, creates a full picture and understanding of it’s being. So today, I am sharing the origin story of the Love Your Story podcast.

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Notice the Miracles and Serendipity-It’s Important to Know Someone Has Your Back


In the mornings I say an abundance prayer. I learned it from my friend Tony and it goes something like this: “Thank you for the joyful abundance in my life and in the life of my family and friends. Thank you for the abundance that will come into my life today. And thank you for the abundance that I can bring to others today.” Every time I say the part about “thank you for the abundance that will come into our lives today,” I get excited. I’m like a kid waiting for his birthday, waiting to see what abundance and wonderful things will show up as the day progresses. It’s an exciting way to live – always waiting for the next generous miracle to show up.

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