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Do You Need Help Reframing Your Story?


Checking in with you, the reader. Do you want help reframing YOUR story? Let me know what you need and want so as I plan this workshop I know what you’d like most to see.

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What if?


What if your concept of what is possible wasn’t restricted to what has been done in the past?

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Social Media is Story Telling

social media pic

Post, tweet, snap…you are telling your story in a powerful way. The masses have a voice they’ve never had before. We are telling the story of our culture and the stories of our individual lives. Why is it more than just vanity? What’s your story?

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An Excerpt from The Alchemist

Alchemist Cover

Our hearts are often tender and afraid of our biggest dreams. These fears stop us because our hearts don’t want to suffer. But to live our truest lives we have to be bigger than our fear. An excerpt from The Alchemist.

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