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A one-day, hands-on workshop that takes you from theory to implementation. You'll find your stories. You'll strategize their use. You'll practice telling them. Better employee, client, management and investor communication is just one step away.

Origin Story

After presenting at corporate meetings on the importance of using story as a tool to connect with employees, customers, management and investors, attendees asked for the next step.

"Now that we understand how powerful this tool is we want you to help us find our stories. We don't want it to be a great idea we learned about, we want to use it. Help us do that."

So, the hands-on workshop was created.

What You Get

A full day, from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

We'll be finding your stories, helping you decide how to use your stories, and you'll be practicing telling your stories. We'll be doing hands-on group work where you will learn from other's stories and get input and feedback on your own. When you step into the room in the morning you'll be there because you know story is the most effective communication tool, when you walk out at the end of the day you'll be ready to put your stories into action.


This consulting workshop package includes the following:

Full Day: 9:00 - 5:00 working with Lori Lee

Place: Your location

Attendees: Up to 6-8 attendees of your choice

Cost: $1200

Lunch will be a working lunch, provided.




"The Story Launchpad helped me to fill the gaps in the stories I tell donors about the students at Weber State, helping the donors to connect with experiences on campus on a deeper level. Lori expertly guided our group through the different kinds of stories we might tell, providing valuable feedback at each step of the process to develop stories that resonate with the audience. I came in with general narratives that I liked to tell and came out with skills and crafted stories that were ready to be told at a moment's notice."

Thanks again, Lori.

Colby Peterson, Weber State University




Lori Lee is amazing!! I own a real estate photography business and she took my 30 minute orgin story and condensed it into two paragraphs. She helped me to identify my companies values and taught me how to use those values with story telling for presentations, meetings, marketing, trainings and more! Because of the tools that Lori gave me, she helped my company triple our sales in one month! I high recommend using her services.

-Aundrea, Owner of 360 Tour Designs SLC



"I learned so much from taking your class, Lori.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm with us. This is just a short list but what I learned most from your class was the value of taking the time to develop our stories.  We get caught up in our day to day responsibilities and forget to take the time or don’t realize how important it is. After taking the class, it was amazing to me that I had a great powerful story that I had never told.  It also made me think about how many other stories that I have and just haven’t taken the time to develop or bring them to life.

I learned tools on how to structure your story and how to make it interesting to the person listening.  You can have the best story, but if you can’t properly tell the story in an interesting way, then you will not be able to connect or will not be heard by the listener.

We all make important decisions each day.  If someone tells me the facts about a product that really doesn’t prompt me to take action.  If I receive the fact about a product and a personal story that will help me have a deeper understanding of what it is and creates the emotion that may be needed to make the decision."

Michelle Sisam, SWBC Mortgage


"I use story telling every hour of the day. The workshop helped build confidence that I'm crafting and using those stories in the most effective way possible. I loved the format, content and the instructor. The workshop was packed with insight and tips that will continue to help me in my business. I immediately began using the stories that were written and practiced in the workshop. I will be referring my clients and candidates to attend the workshops in the future."

Mel Miller, Miller Consulting


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Origin Story


Vision Story


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