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Episode 022 Brave and Afraid- Interview with Becky Andrews, Mental Health Counselor

Interview with Becky Andrews – Brave and Afraid – Choosing Empowerment over Fear

Today we have the privilege of speaking to Becky Andrews. You may have seen her on our Instagram campaign, or you may know her from her super-human feats of tandem biking thousands of miles around the Western US, running the Boston marathon and the NY City marathon, or you may know her as a licensed clinical mental health counselor…and while she is a mom, a wife, a business owner, a life coach, and has all the education to back that up, Becky is also blind.

Her story is particularly powerful, because in order to accomplish all I’ve mentioned, and much more actually, she’s had to overcome fear. She’s had to take a look at her story and reframe in spaces, just as we are always talking about.

If you want to get a hold of Becky after listening to her interview or to purchase her book:

(801) 259-3883

Book: Look Up, Move Forward

About the author, Lori

Author of four books and over 100 magazine and newspaper articles, Lori found a fascination with the personal narrative during her master's degree research in Folklore at Utah State University. Coming to understand the nuance and power of story, the automatic but unrecognized uses, the cultural curtains that story pulls back for us to peak behind, she let her excitement spill over into her own journey of personal empowerment and the excitement of sharing it all with others.

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