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Episode 035 Interview with Ryan Clarkin – Business and Mindset Coach

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Choosing Your Perspective on Purpose – Interview with Ryan Clarkin

Welcome back to the  Love Your Story Podcast Interview Land! Drumroll!

Choosing your perspective in every situation is a concept that frankly blows the lid off of life as we know it because it gives us complete control over our realities. While to some this is an exciting idea, to others it’s WAY too much responsibility.  I don’t always do this particularly well, but sometimes I do, and when I do it’s amazing the wonders it works in creating my perspective, and my life.  So today, stay tuned to talk with Ryan Clarkin, a life coach who specializes in this very thing. Let’s figure out how to do it.

Ralph Marston said, “What limits you is not the way things are. What limits you is the perspective you choose to see the way things are.”

Stories are our lives in language. Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. I’m Lori Lee, and I’m excited for our future together of telling stories, evaluating our own stories, and lifting ourselves and others to greater places because of our control over our stories. This podcast is about empowerment and giving you, the listener, ideas to work with in making your stories work for you. Story power serves you best when you know how to use it.

Ryan Clarkin is a business and mindset coach for entrepreneurs who are ready to live a life of their design. He specializes in creating a clear vision, mastering interpretations, and how to instantly change your life through changing your interpretations.

So, welcome Ryan! Let’s talk about how we can create better, happier stories by choosing our own perspective.

To get ahold of Ryan you can find him on social media:

– Creating a clear vision
– Mastering interpretations
– The Mind-Map (your layer of reality)
– How to instantly change your life through changing your interpretations
– The power of cause
– Vision + Belief + Action = Reality (The Lifestyle Design Equation)

About the author, Lori

Author of four books and over 100 magazine and newspaper articles, Lori found a fascination with the personal narrative during her master's degree research in Folklore at Utah State University. Coming to understand the nuance and power of story, the automatic but unrecognized uses, the cultural curtains that story pulls back for us to peak behind, she let her excitement spill over into her own journey of personal empowerment and the excitement of sharing it all with others.

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