Episode 104 Interview Taunia Dawn Terry – Part 2: There Is a Price to Pay for Freedom and Joy


Episode 104 Interview Taunia Dawn Terry

Part 2: There Is a Price to Pay for Freedom and Joy

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Today Part 2 of my interview with Taunia Dawn Terry hits the airwaves.

If you’re just joining us, go back and listen to her story in Part 1 because Part 2 is a our candid discussion about a woman who has beautiful spiritual gifts of intuition and healing, but Part 1 tells you how she got there. This two-part series includes a story of living through a Satanic ritual, five marriages/divorces, and a transformational path where she discovered how to listen to her higher power, how to face fear, how to pay the price for freedom, and how to uncover and use her spiritual gifts.

Taunia Dawn Terry brings a unique approach to personal transformation. She currently works as a transformation coach, where she is known for her intuition in the Healing arts, Neurofeedback and life coaching. Taunia is an expert at guiding her clients through the chaos of change so they can transform their pain and fear into wisdom and courage. Wh is all about maximizing freedom, joy, peace, and abundance for living an ideal and authentic life.

When speaking of healing and transformation, Taunia said,

“There’s a price to pay for your freedom and joy. Though there is definitely a Divine grace that bestows those gifts, it is also something that must be earned. It would not be valued if you didn’t recognize the cost – in order to heal you must learn the lessons, grow, and change. You can’t have anyone else take your life tests for you.”

Tune into the audio program for part 2 of a 2-part series and the story of how one woman survived the unspeakable, stood for change, and did what it takes to create a new story.

We talk about the process of Awakening, Exploring, Choosing and Being. It’s good stuff.

To contact Taunia Dawn Terry: taunia@tauniadawn.com

Business Phone: 385-352-3233

About the author, Lori

Author of five books and over 100 magazine and newspaper articles, Lori found a fascination with the personal narrative during her master's degree research in Folklore at Utah State University. Coming to understand the nuance and power of story, the automatic but unrecognized uses, the cultural curtains that story pulls back for us to peak behind, she let her excitement spill over into her own journey of personal empowerment and the excitement of sharing it all with others.

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