Episode 98 Interview Talie Davis Weir: Uncovering and Acknowledging the Masterpiece You Already Are

Episode 98 Interview Talie Davis Weir:

Uncovering and Acknowledging the Masterpiece You Already Are

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast! Where I get to interview people with amazing life stories; where we discuss tools for living our best life stories, and really often we get both at the same time. Like today! Today I bring you Talie Davis Weir from Ohio. She is a life and personal development coach that focuses on empowering leaders to create profound impact centered in JOY. I have met Talie and worked with her and she truly impersonates that JOY. She is a mom, a ballroom dancer, and a leader of retreats, but the reason I’ve asked her on the show today is that she has a really interesting life story that involves living in a religious commune, separating out of that community, divorcing her minister husband and making her way into a life of purposeful creation.

Stay tuned for her story AND some tips on mindset, joy regardless of circumstances, and a few inside coaching tips from her.

Tune in to the audio program for our discussion.

To contact or get more information on Talie:

Instagram: coachingwithtalie

Facebook: www.facebook.com/coachingwithtalie

Text morningsalive to 48421


About the author, Lori

Author of five books and over 100 magazine and newspaper articles, Lori found a fascination with the personal narrative during her master's degree research in Folklore at Utah State University. Coming to understand the nuance and power of story, the automatic but unrecognized uses, the cultural curtains that story pulls back for us to peak behind, she let her excitement spill over into her own journey of personal empowerment and the excitement of sharing it all with others.

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