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Would your group like Lori to speak and share ideas on how to reframe, live big, and love your story? Contact us for rates and schedule coordination.


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Want to swap interviews? links? ads? Let's work together.




Are you interested in attending a workshop or taking an on-line class with coaching calls to help you reframe and love your story? Are you ready to feel happy and free of heavy stories in your life? Let us know so we can keep you appraised of what's happening. We'd also love to hear what would be most helpful for you.



fdostelvhn8-tegan-mierleDo you prefer the personal touch: one-on-one work, rather than group workshops?  Drop us a line and we'll get in touch to find out how to best help you live your best life by loving your story.


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Podcast Reviews

  • Story Guru
    April 25, 2017 by bright shirt man from United States

    A podcast that all business people should start exploring. Learning to use story to communicate with employees and clients is a tool the wise will learn. Thanks Lori for teaching us how.

  • What the World Needs Now is Love...Your Story Podcast
    April 20, 2017 by ricklewisco from United States

    Thanks Lori. I can't think of a more worthy service than helping us all to remember the power of the stories we carry inside and how becoming conscious of them allows us to shape them and create the lives we truly want to live. Well done! Please keep them coming!

  • Great!
    April 17, 2017 by Pink ninja 2 from United States

    I look forward to the new podcast each week and the unique perspective Lori has to offer. She has very comforting voice that matches her podcast perfectly.

  • Wow! Great Podcast
    March 13, 2017 by Lindsey Anderson from United States

    Lori Lee does an amazing job on this podcast teaching the power of story. Highly recommended. Love Your Story has a lot of effort put into it and its really entertaining to listen to.

  • I like the format
    February 26, 2017 by cZiolkowski from United States

    The use of stories to teach growth concepts makes this podcast very enjoyable. Love it!


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