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Episode 041 Interview with Rick Lewis – Professional Misbehaver

Rick Lewis, author, speaker and professional misbehaver started out as a street performer. He shares what he’s learned about how our old stories get pasted onto our present situation, and why that is not in our best interest. Listen in for his thoughts and insights on our stories and how we can get them to work for us rather than against us.

Episode 013 Holding Hands–Some thoughts on Connection

A dance takes place as we interact. We reach out, we pull back, we want to know we are not alone, but we don’t want to be held back either. It’s a tricky two-step. To hold someone’s hand is to connect: to offer friendship, protection, comfort, to make your way undivided through a crowd, to guide, to show affection. In a world where we can feel alone in a sea of a million people, the chance to hold another’s hand can be a gift, an anchor, a place where for that moment you are not alone. For that moment you are joining forces.

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Episode 006 One Line Stories – Like Kryptonite to Superman

Little stories – one-liners, are sometimes the most powerful kryptonite in the story arsenal. Kryptonite had the power to drain Superman’s strength – it was the one thing that could bring him down. His Achilles heel. In fact, in the original comic it was suggested that he was a boring character because he had NO weaknesses. That was the point that Kryptonite was introduced into the story. We humans are anything but boring. Complex and filled with beautiful gifts, we also all have this voice in our heads that speaks to us, most often in derogative, critical tones, if not outright comments about our worth and our abilities. Let’s talk about this voice, these powerful one-liners, because they do the same thing to humans that kryptonite does to Superman. They take away our power, leave us weak and unable to use our strong and capable gifts. It’s time to get rid of them.

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Episode 001 Story Super Power – Reframing so we can Fly!

Episode 001 Story Super Power – Reframing so we can Fly! Stories are our lives in language! There is nothing that comes more natural in human communication than to tell a story or recap an event that has taken place in our lives. In fact, it is so natural and happens so often that we are…

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