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Episode 041 Interview with Rick Lewis – Professional Misbehaver

Rick Lewis, author, speaker and professional misbehaver started out as a street performer. He shares what he’s learned about how our old stories get pasted onto our present situation, and why that is not in our best interest. Listen in for his thoughts and insights on our stories and how we can get them to work for us rather than against us.

Episode 014 Personal Narrative – How We Reveal Ourselves

When we talk to one another we engage in a ritual. Most people, of course, don’t think of it that way, but there are distinct patterns we follow in verbal exchanges. One type of exchange is the sharing of stories. The way we tell our stories to each other allows us to do so many things: build reputation, share awe, warn, teach, threaten, celebrate and explore, among others. Today we’ll discuss how we use stories to reveal ourselves and to reflect others.

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Episode 004 What Stories Taught Me About Risk

From the first recorded adventure tales of Marco Polo, stories of adventure, challenge and discovery have been used to entertain, to define people, to relive events and share experiences. For adventurers today it is no different. And, sometimes, what the stories tell us about ourselves is even more interesting than the stories themselves. Follow me on this adventure, as we start with the stories of adventurers to unmask risk and see what lies beneath.

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