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Episode 028 Building a Space for One Another – Setting the Scene of the Story

setting the scene

When a set designer begins to create the layout of the set one of the things they are doing is setting mood and atmosphere. They do this with the layout of the set as well as with the items that are chosen to be present on the set, or in other words, the things we place around us. I love fresh flowers, yummy candles, books, music, and dancing. So I place these things in my living space. I want to talk about this subject of creating our set on purpose because I don’t think it gets talked about much. It’s something we do, some of us do it on purpose, some of us just sorta live where we’re dropped, some of us are too busy with life to focus on actively creating our space, but I think purposeful living and the power that comes in creating atmosphere and place is something worth a twenty-minute conversation. It’s the basis for many of our stories– scene and set can make a big difference in the energy of the story, the happiness of the characters, and the delight in the space that you control. Tune in…

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