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21 Strategies delivered to your inbox in a way that's easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to get results. These are proven life hacks that I've seen work with hundreds of people just like you and they'll work for you too. Take the plunge and invest in YOU and your best life story.

What's In the 21 Day Challenge?

  • 21 unique strategies to remodel, reshape, and improve your daily living!
  • Professional coaching tips for implementing specific strategies into your daily routines.
  • A structured environment to record and reflect on each day's challenges.
  • Daily reminders and encouragement to open your challenge, and create possibility in your life.
  • A guaranteed improved sense of purpose, worth and happiness (if you complete each challenge, of course)

See what past challengees are saying...


Sandi Bartlett Atwood

About 2 months ago, I woke up feeling a little defeated and lost. I was lacking and looking for some direction; looking for change, so I remembered the podcast and thought okay, I'll check it out. Well let me tell you, Lori's challenges had quite the impact, not only on my long term actions, but on my immediate mood and goals for that day! I have since become a regular student of Love Your Story and have felt a greater clarity of vision, sense of purpose, peace of mind, and acceptance of the dynamic creative process of embracing and crafting my own story. Love Your Story challenges are simple, effective, and beg to be immediately implemented.

I can honestly say the challenges changed my mood and got me excited to take action in the moment I read them. Now, I turn to the Podcasts and challenges when things are going well just to boost my "game" and enhance the quality of my life.

I strongly recommend Lori's challenges to everyone!

Why a 21-Day Challenge?

Making a change can feel daunting. It can feel intimidating. Admitting something needs to change can make us feel overwhelmed. Often we doubt ourselves. So, most of us trudge along, knowing we'd like a bit more happiness, but not actively creating it.

That's why I started doing challenges with my clients. Instead of trying to change who we are all at once, just try one new thing. Just one thing. The 21-Day Challenge gives you one fun tool to test every day and you get to see how you feel. That's the magic behind short, experimental, challenges. ANYONE can do something for 1 day. It's a tasters table that will get you hooked on a new favorite living hack or two - find what works for you.

I've done these for myself, for my clients, and now for you! You can start your challenge today and I'll be with you every step of the way. Cheering you on and giving you expert, easy-to-implement challenges that have the power to fundamentally change how you see your world. It's so exciting! I'm excited for you to jump in and see what happens!

21 Day Challenge

Find the strategies that work for you for creating YOUR best life story!

Let's Work Together!

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Podcast Reviews

  • Lori's Message and Mission
    March 11, 2018 by Kim From Farmington Utah from United States

    I am absolutely captivated by Lori Lee's smooth voice and the clarity in which she speaks. It's refreshing to have found a potcast that keeps my attention and creates emotion inside of me while I listen closely. I find that I'm inclined to be much more grateful, more present and increased awarness for the precious life I've been given during and after listening to her inspiriging interviews and messages. I know her persoallty and can attest to her incredible character and charm as a human being always asking first how I am doing. I am excited for our new found friendship and to watch her soar through the years leading the world to love their story and love their lives. Her influence is so electric it is sure to spread like wildfire.

  • Empowering
    February 28, 2018 by Demillertime from United States

    I had a baby three months ago. I’ve been totally guilty of body shaming myself and not loving this stage of my life. Lori’s recent cast was eye opening, empowering and made me look at myself and others in different light. I can’t wait to hear more!!

  • Stories are powerful!
    February 12, 2018 by LargeLow from United States

    Lori does a great job of explaining how stories as a communication tool affect so many aspects of our lives. Using her own experience and those of interesting guests, you can learn and laugh and ponder with every podcast

  • Really great!
    October 4, 2017 by SleezeKing from United States

    Love this podcast!

  • Delightful and Cutting Edge
    June 28, 2017 by Slappy slap slap from United States

    An insightful approach to one of life's most important subjects, "Love Your Story". This artful dialogue has allowed me to grasp balance and direction by understanding how activities become memories that simultaneously add to my story. Listeners will enjoy this because we are able to relate to many of the podcasts. Update: Continuing to listen and admire the talent and dialog of this inspirational podcast. Deep and important topics feel light and invigorating. Lori is extremely talented and provides amazing stories that are delightful to listen to. Keep up the great work!


Story Launchpad Workshop

I use story telling every hour of the day. The workshop helped build confidence that I'm crafting and using those stories in the most effective way possible. I loved the format, content and the instructor. The workshop was packed with insight and tips that will continue to help me in my business. I immediately began using the stories that were written and practiced in the workshop. I will be referring my clients and candidates to attend the workshops in the future. 

Mellisa Miller, Miller Consulting, Utah, USA

Story Launchpad Workshop

I have been searching for a way to describe our services in a memorable and entertaining value. Lori's format, knowledge, and teaching ability is greatly valuable in this type of workshop. Also to have a professional there to critique my story and help me break out of my shell was extremely valuable.

Tony Reece, Berkshire Hathaway, Utah, USA

Story Launchpad Workshop

The Story Launchpad helped me to fill the gaps in the stories I tell donors about students at Weber State, helping the donors to connect with experiences on campus on a deeper level. Lori expertly guided our group through the different kinds of stories we might tell, providing valuable feedback at each step of the process to develop stories that resonate with the audience. I came in with general narratives that I liked to tell and came out with skills and crafted stories that were ready to be told at a moment's notice."

Thanks again, Lori.

Colby Peterson, Weber State University, Utah, USA

Story Launchpad Workshop

I learned so much from taking your class, Lori.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm with us. This is just a short list but what I learned most from your class was~ 

The value of taking the time to develop our stories.  We get caught up in our day to day responsibilities and forget to take the time or don’t realize how important it is. After taking the class, it was amazing to me that I had a great powerful story that I had never told.  It also made me think about how many other stories that I have and just haven’t taken the time to develop or bring them to life.

I learned tools on how to structure your story and how to make it interesting to the person listening.  You can have the best story, but if you can’t properly tell the story in an interesting way, then you will not be able to connect or will not be heard by the listener.

We all make important decisions each day.  If someone tells me the facts about a product that really doesn’t prompt me to take action.  If I receive the fact about a product and a personal story that will help me have a deeper understanding of what it is and creates the emotion that may be needed to make the decision. Thanks for all I learned.

Michelle Sisam, SWBC Mortgage, Utah, USA



Personal Coaching

I was fortunate enough to get Lori Lee as my coach during and after an emotional training workshop. I say fortunate because she was a key component in my growth after the training. She has a talent for helping you see the world through a different perspective and i was open enough to consider it. Even more awesome is the level of care she gives her students. She was always giving 110% and I felt lucky to have a coach that cared soo much.  

--Chris Ziolkowski, Florida, USA

Personal Coaching

Dear Lori,

Words can't explain the impact you've had on me.  You're kind, wise, helpful and most of all, you've become a friend. I've had, and still have, many mentors in my life. In the short time I've known you I can confidently say you're one of the few that have had and continue to have, a lasting impact on me. You've always listened to me and seen through the lies I've told myself. You showed me what I'm worth and how to be my authentic self. You've helped bring my life to a new light and bring back the me that I thought I'd never get back. I'm forever grateful to you Lori, and I have no doubt you'll inspire countless lives.

Mustafa Almuradi, New York, USA

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