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What's In the 21 Day Challenge?

  • 21 unique strategies to remodel, reshape, and improve your daily living!
  • Professional coaching tips for implementing specific strategies into your daily routines.
  • A structured environment to record and reflect on each day's challenges.
  • Daily reminders and encouragement to open your challenge, and create possibility in your life.
  • A guaranteed improved sense of purpose, worth and happiness (if you complete each challenge, of course)

See what past challengees are saying...

Sandi Bartlett Atwood_testimonial

Sandi Bartlett Atwood

About 2 months ago, I woke up feeling a little defeated and lost. I was lacking and looking for some direction; looking for change, so I remembered the podcast and thought okay, I'll check it out. Well let me tell you, Lori's challenges had quite the impact, not only on my long term actions, but on my immediate mood and goals for that day! I have since become a regular student of Love Your Story and have felt a greater clarity of vision, sense of purpose, peace of mind, and acceptance of the dynamic creative process of embracing and crafting my own story. Love Your Story challenges are simple, effective, and beg to be immediately implemented.

I can honestly say the challenges changed my mood and got me excited to take action in the moment I read them. Now, I turn to the Podcasts and challenges when things are going well just to boost my "game" and enhance the quality of my life.

I strongly recommend Lori's challenges to everyone!

Katie Houston

Katie Houston

Speaking about one specific challenge - I was so surprised by how it changed the way I thought- because I was thinking about gratitude so much, I felt more gratitude. It was absolutely worth my time! It was really cool to connect with my Grandma and think about my gratitude for her, even though our relationship is complicated. I had some pretty amazing experiences. On top of that I learned about an important life tool. I learned that sometimes we may feel something, but we need to be more vigilant about expressing it. It makes such a big difference. As a teacher, for example, I need to remember what a difference it makes when I compliment my students and tell them how proud I am of them.

I would totally do this again.

Why a 21-Day Challenge?

Making a change can feel daunting. It can feel intimidating. Admitting something needs to change can make us feel overwhelmed. Often we doubt ourselves. So, most of us trudge along, knowing we'd like a bit more happiness, but not actively creating it.

That's why I started doing challenges with my clients. Instead of trying to change who we are all at once, just try one new thing. Just one thing. The 21-Day Challenge gives you one fun tool to test every day and you get to see how you feel. That's the magic behind short, experimental, challenges. ANYONE can do something for 1 day. It's a tasters table that will get you hooked on a new favorite living hack or two - find what works for you.

I've done these for myself, for my clients, and now for you! You can start your challenge today and I'll be with you every step of the way. Cheering you on and giving you expert, easy-to-implement challenges that have the power to fundamentally change how you see your world. It's so exciting! I'm excited for you to jump in and see what happens!

About Lori...

Lori Lee is the writer and host of the Love Your Story podcast. Her master's degree, in the field of Folklore at Utah State University, took her on a path of in-depth study of the personal narrative, and her own unrest with her story took her into a year of emotional intelligence training and coaching, on both sides of the bench, to come to a place of peace and love for her own story after three divorces that left her with a sense of shame and failure.

She writes professionally, and has for 25 years, collecting, creating, and sharing stories through her articles and research within the outdoor recreation industry.

After her year of emotional intelligence training, coaching, and her graduate work in the personal narrative, Lori decided to share the story tools she had gained that turned her way of seeing her own life story into a much healthier and happier path.

Lori Lee

Find the strategies that work for you for creating YOUR best life story!

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