Episode 102 Stories from the Academy Drum and Bugle Corps.

Episode 102 Stories from the Drum and Bugle Corps.

Academy Drum and Bugle Corps is a world-class professional marching band out of Tempe Arizona. 

Today’s episode is a group interview with some of these impressive and talented young musicians as we sat out on the field after they finished up a 10-hour practice on a hot July day. Stay tuned for their stories of learning, self-discipline, overcoming, and motivation.

I loved talking with these kids because these young adults choose to be involved in a tremendously demanding program that requires strict discipline, and they choose this course rather than a summer of video games, strolling the malls, and snap chatting aimlessly with their friends. It’s a choice to create a story of excellence, family-like bonds through the hours of working in synchronicity with one another, and living on the road, sleeping on gym floors, and bringing their all on the competition field.

In 2001, The Academy Brass & Percussion Ensemble was formed to give some of Arizona’s finest young musicians an introduction to the incredibly unique activity of drum and bugle corps. They started out with a membership of 50-60 musicians. In 2004, the group added the final element of the color guard, was accepted as a DCI sanctioned unit, made the name change to The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps and began competing for the first time.

In 2006, the corps had grown to 135 members and competed for the first time in Drum Corps International World Championships in Madison, Wisconsin where they earned the title of Division II World Champion. 2007 marked their first year competing in Division I, now called World Class, where they continue to compete today. In 2009, The Academy was named the official drum and bugle corps of the City of Tempe. 2016 marked a historic season for the corps with its first appearance in World Class Finals competition and the corps is now in the middle of another stellar season – touring and competing.

Today I interviewed a group of the musicians, as they finished up their final practice for the day.

To hear the interviews listen to the audio show where we get the inside scoop and discuss some great tools:

  1. Try out – get in the game.
  2. Stay in the present.
  3. Focus on the goal of excellence.
  4. Keep coming back.

For more information on the Academy drum and bugle corps go to: www.arizonaacademy.org

Thanks for tuning in to today’s episode. I hope you found one takeaway that inspires you! Keep creating your best life story, and if there is someplace you’ve been holding back, maybe you’ve been afraid to try for something, join some group, get in the game…remember, you DON’T make 100% of the things you don’t try for. Let’s get in the game.

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