Episode 127 Interview Laurann Turner: Every Single Day

Episode 127 Interview Laurann Turner: Every Single Day

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast where we share stories so we can learn and growth with each other, and where we talk about story tools – life hacks—for living your best life story on purpose.

Today I’m talking with Laurann Turner, author of Every Single Day.

Laurann was raised on a small farm in Northern Utah.  She has an MBA and worked in the Healthcare Industry for 12 years in various positions including her latest job as Vice President of Operations. While working and building her exterior successes, she realized on the inside she wasn’t happy. – I think we’ve all been at a place where we can relate to that —  Having a desire to have inner peace & happiness she walked away from her esteemed career and six-figure income and then decided to start listening to her higher power and embark on a  16-month journey to reconnect with inner self and to become who she is truly meant to be.

She sold her beloved house in order to disconnect with old ties and in her book Every Single Day she describes the steps, processes and experienced she used to find happiness Every Single Day. Many claim she is a beacon of joy & inspiration – I second that. Laurann is a courageous individual and an avid navigator of life’s trials.  She loves encouraging, mentoring and supporting those who want to work on becoming their best, most authentic selves.  She works as a professional Realtor, Master Cookie Decorator, Author, and Occasional Clothing Model, but today she’s going to share her story and shine a light on the path of transformation.

Tune in to the audio program for my discussion with Laurann.

Every Single Day we create the next page in our story. Every single day we choose how to live and what thoughts to let dominate our minds. Every Single Day we create or destroy, we hide or we throw the doors open and live boldly. Every Single Day we have choice. What does your day look and feel like? What changes might you need to make to enjoy the journey Every Single Day?

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About the author, Lori

Lori is the host and producer of the Love Your Story podcast, a podcast dedicated to sharing candid interviews and conversations about living our best life stories on purpose. Lori pulls no punches in capturing interviews that shine a light on how we make it through the hard stuff – stress, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, rape, the death of children, abuse, divorce and the real stuff we have to deal with. But, she also shares interviews with Olympians and incredible athletes, life coaches, therapists, and people who are changing the world – most often these two categories are one and the same. She has a master’s degree in Folklore--her research focuses on the personal narrative. She is the author of six books and over 100 magazine and newspaper articles, including her latest, L.I.F.E. – Living Intentional and Fearless Every Day. She consults with individuals on a personal and business level in helping them find their stories, reframe the ones that are holding them back, and manage the stories they currently tell themselves in order to create the story they personally want to live.

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