Episode 155 The Power of Flaws – Interview with Chantel Soumis

Episode 155 The Power of Flaws – Interview with Chantel Soumis


Augusten Burroughts said, “I, myself, am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”

I love this quote because it is a simple statement of our beautiful individuality and the normalness of our unique qualities. Whether we would really actually call these things flaws, sometimes when they don’t align with societal expectation, they feel like flaws.

For example, today’s guest is an advocate for the differently-abled community. Her own diagnosis of debilitating multiple sclerosis and her inability to get work after this diagnosis spurred her to fight for a broader more open view of our differences, handicaps, and challenges. Stay tuned for a discussion on the power of individuality and how flaws make us unique, beautiful and indispensable.

Chantel Soumis a top LinkedIn Creator with over 30k organic followers in one year. Chantel is also the Founder and Creative Director of Stardust Creative LLC, a brand agency focused on embracing differences through personal and corporate branding. She’s spoken at VidCon as one of the first LinkedIn video creators as well as at international conferences in LA, London, Dallas, and more.

As an advocate for the differently-abled community, Chantel spreads awareness, hope, and inspiration to those around the world fighting for acceptance by sharing the hidden struggles of differently-abled community. By administering an attitude of gratitude, Chantel has overcome severe obstacles and spends a substantial portion of her time coaching others to accept and believe in themselves, and to treat one another with dignity and value, recognizing we are all brothers and sisters of the human race.

Tune into the audio program to hear Chantel’s story and our discussion on how our flaws make us unique and beautiful.

Sarah Vowell, in her book, Take the Cannoli, said, “We are flawed creatures, all of us. Some of us think that means we should fix our flaws. But get rid of my flaws and there would be no one left.”

In an earlier episode, I shared an insight I gained at a conference this past year – it was that the things I had often acknowledged as flaws within myself were actually exactly who and how I was supposed to be to do what I came her to do. It was a new idea and it was fresh and full of self-acceptance.

I am a firm believer in the beauty of the diverse and varied. It is these colors and textures in each of us that make us who we are and help us do what we want and need to do.

Your challenge this week is to take one of those things you feel is a flaw about you and to reframe it. Find a statement that celebrates your differences – an affirmation that starts to help you see that supposed flaw as something that is actually helping you be who you need to be and do what you need to do. Embrace and love your own quirky self, whatever that looks like. And remember, most people are very unaware of others flaws, they are too worried about their own.

Let any self-criticism go and start with self-acceptance.

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Have a great week taking another step toward self-love and the story YOU want to live. See you in a couple of weeks.

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