Episode 187 – Spiritual Gifts: Interview Deb Atella

Episode 187 – Spiritual Gifts:

Interview Deb Atella

Have you ever wondered what your spiritual gifts are? What is a spiritual gift?

Spiritual gifts are acknowledged as  word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, increased faith, the gifts of healing, the gift of miracles, the gift of prophecy, the discernment of spirits, diverse kinds of tongues, interpretation of tongues. 

I’m still not certain what mine are, but I have noticed and interacted with others who have the spiritual gift of connecting to angels and spiritual communication – the discernment of spirits. In this case, Deb Atella is open to sharing her near death experience and her path to tapping into her intuitive spiritual gifts. I like these stories of finding and figuring out spiritual gifts because it shines a light on how it happens….

Stay tuned to hear her detailed story and how she figured out what her gifts were and how to manage them. And then she shares  3 tips she’s learned for resilient living.

Deb Atella is the creator of the Sisterhood of What Next?! FB group and the host of the soon to be released aTella Like it is podcast. She is an expert at creating morning routines to set your day up for success and joy and an expert in teaching  people how to differentiate between their ego running the show and their soul/higher-self/intuition running the show. 

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast.

Let’s start where we always do. What is your story?

In 2005 you had a near death experience and experiences with seeing family members who had passed away. Can you take us back to that story….


What did that teach you?

So you had spiritual gifts that started to manifest at that time. How did you deal with that?

You started meditating back in 2012, but didn’t make it a habit until 2017. That daily meditation habit led you to creating a clarity and enjoyment of life that you hadn’t experienced before. It also led you to finally opening up to your spiritual gifts that started manifesting in 2005.

How did you embrace those?

So…let’s get to the promised skills. How do we learn resilience? What transition skills can you share with us?


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Facebook @debatella and Sisterhood of What Next?!

Be compassionate with yourself, Find stillness and stay in gratitude. These tips are so beautiful for living well. 

Your challenge this week is to find spaces to implement these 3 tips. Perhaps as you love on your self and sit still and listen with gratitude, you will find more recognition of your own spiritual gift. It’s also said that we can ask for spiritual gifts – seek after the ones we want. So, that’s a little something to think about. The world needs powerful, gifted souls to walk with light and shine that light on the world. If you feel that call, know that you can seek for and develop your own spiritual gifts.

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See you in two weeks for the next episode.

About the author, Lori

Lori is the host and producer of the Love Your Story podcast, a podcast dedicated to sharing candid interviews and conversations about living our best life stories on purpose. Lori pulls no punches in capturing interviews that shine a light on how we make it through the hard stuff – stress, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, rape, the death of children, abuse, divorce and the real stuff we have to deal with. But, she also shares interviews with Olympians and incredible athletes, life coaches, therapists, and people who are changing the world – most often these two categories are one and the same. She has a master’s degree in Folklore--her research focuses on the personal narrative. She is the author of six books and over 100 magazine and newspaper articles, including her latest, L.I.F.E. – Living Intentional and Fearless Every Day. She consults with individuals on a personal and business level in helping them find their stories, reframe the ones that are holding them back, and manage the stories they currently tell themselves in order to create the story they personally want to live.

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