Episode 200: Use Your Stories to Find Your Ideal Career – Interview Kerri Twigg

Episode 200: Use Your Stories to Find Your Ideal Career – Interview Kerri Twigg

The Love Your Story podcast is about loving your story on all levels. Today we explore a new level – how to use story to find your best and most satisfying career – and we’ll start with the stories we tell about ourselves….no really, not just in theory and how those stories affect our self confidence, but these stories are the foundation for The Career Stories Method, by Kerri Twigg, as she helps us narrow in on the career stories we have and how to use them to get into your ideal work. 


My interview with Kerri takes a look at her 11 step method for finding or creating your perfect career, and how to use your stories in your cover letter, resume, and online postings.


Before I interview authors I always try to read their books to make sure they are a good fit for my audience and that their work is legit. I got Kerri’s book – The Career Stories Method, from her PR firm 2 weeks ago, and while I was not sure I’d make it through it in time for the interview I jumped in. As I read I discovered that the steps were interesting, thought provoking, and I started doing the work and considering my own stories as I read along. I’ve sticky notes poking out of many pages and I’ve got my 3×5 cards with my stories in a little stack. She’s legit.

Kerri Twigg is the founder and operator of Career Stories. Though courses and coaching she helps people use their stories to grow their careers, or find their ideal work. She’s worked for 20 years helping people find out what makes them awesome and how that helps their career. 


“A resume is where you put your most incredible stories in one place in order to open up opportunities.” —Kerri Twigg on her Ted Talk


Tune into our interview for the 11 Steps to finding your ideal career and for my talk with Kerri about her story.

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TEDx Talk – Burn Your Old Resume

Her Book: The Career Stories Method: 11 Steps to Find Your Ideal Career – and Discover Your Awesome Self in the Process

I love a couple things about the Career Story Method. The first is that it’s a process of discovering your awesome self. It guides us through a detailed look at the things we really shine at, and that’s a fun journey. The second is the focus on the power of story, which is, of course, what this entire podcast is set up for, to help remind you how important our stories our – our stories, the ones we tell ourselves about ourselves, about other people, about our lives and situations. These will bring us happiness or misery. Stories help us illustrate to others our experience and help others share with us their experiences – it’s how we find our way down the human path. Kerri has methodized a way to using your stories to bless you and your path. She says she does this process every year, and encourages us to do the same. I found it a very interesting process, I’d recommend it. Especially if you need a change, but even if you don’t it helps you really dial in on what you’re good at. – And who doesn’t want a little more of that.

See you in two weeks for the next episode of the Love Your Story podcast.

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