Episode 207 It’s All About the Love: Interview Sterling Jaquith

Episode 207 It’s All About the Love:

Interview Sterling Jaquith

Brene Brown said, “If we want to fully experience love and belonging, we must believe that we are worthy of love and belonging.” We are going to build on this idea.

Step 1 is to believe we are worthy of love and belonging.

Step 2 is to develop self-love

I am currently reading a book called, Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth, by Tommy Rosa and Stephen Sinatra, MD, where Tommy shares his near-death experience and the things he was taught in while in “heaven” and one of the most important points he learned was about self-love.

He said – 

“To be self-loving is the foundation of divine love. Divine love flows eternally and unconditionally between God and all living beings and never waivers. But for you to truly perceive and feel divine love, there must be a foundation of self-love in your life. With this foundation you can also love others unconditionlly, as God loves you. You will be able to love without fear and without wanting. Self-love also activates the Divine Spark within you. You will become love, and you will find your life filled with miracles and possibilities. So, love yourself first – without ego – and you will be complete within.” 

I’ve put this podcast together today because a couple things fell in line. 1. I want to feel that love because I think it’s hard to love our neighbor as God does when we don’t understand what that kind of love feels like. 2. because I am reading that book. And, 3. Because the other day I was listening to Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School podcast and she was doing an interview with Sterling Jaquith, a Catholic Mom Life Coach that was talking the god-love, self-love talk. 

I invited Sterling to the show, because I wanted to talk with her about these topics. You get to listen in.

Tune into the audio program to hear our discussion on these topics:

  1. What do you think of this idea that we have to have self-love as our foundation before we can love others?
  2. What about the idea that we have to love ourselves before we can truly perceive and feel divine love? 
  3. How did you learn this concept?
  4. Have you felt God’s love in a direct way?

There are those people who have had the opportunity to feel an actual down pour of God’s love upon them. For those who have felt that incredible, all-encompassing love, it’s hard for them to put it into words, because there is simply no earthly comparison they can draw for us. They use terms like, non-judgmental, flowing, utter peace, unconditional…sometimes we get these reports from those who have had a near-death experience, or from someone who shares a deeply personal moment where God has enveloped them in his love and let them feel it first-hand. 

What are steps we can take to increase our self love?

“One way to engender self-love is through forgiveness. Learning to forgive others as well as yourself…”

To contact Sterling Jaquith:Catholic Life Coach


Lets just review the steps for accessing that great understanding of who we are and how much we are loved.

#1 – as Brene Brown stated, we have to believe we are worthy of love and belonging.

#2 Once we get that we are worthy of it, we much work to love and accept ourselves – this is what Love Your Story is all about – coming to love who you are and what you’ve been through, no matter how messy the path has been.

#3 With these under our belt we begin to access divine love, which helps us to love ourselves even more, to love others better, to begin to feel God’s divine love for us. 

Your challenge for this week is to check in with yourself. Do you believe that you are worthy of love? Do you accept and love YOU? Ask a few searching questions – how does knowing your own worth help you love others better? 

As we close out 2021 I want to remind you to pick up your Love Your Story t-shirt and then send me photos of you in it as you do your story! I get pics from all over the place, and I love it. Also, remember you can share these podcasts with friends and family and create a little support and love for each other just by sharing an inspirational link. 

About the author, Lori

Lori is the host and producer of the Love Your Story podcast, a podcast dedicated to sharing candid interviews and conversations about living our best life stories on purpose. Lori pulls no punches in capturing interviews that shine a light on how we make it through the hard stuff – stress, anxiety, suicide, eating disorders, rape, the death of children, abuse, divorce and the real stuff we have to deal with. But, she also shares interviews with Olympians and incredible athletes, life coaches, therapists, and people who are changing the world – most often these two categories are one and the same. She has a master’s degree in Folklore--her research focuses on the personal narrative. She is the author of six books and over 100 magazine and newspaper articles, including her latest, L.I.F.E. – Living Intentional and Fearless Every Day. She consults with individuals on a personal and business level in helping them find their stories, reframe the ones that are holding them back, and manage the stories they currently tell themselves in order to create the story they personally want to live.

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