Episode 214 – Walking on Water

Episode 214 – Walking on Water

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Today is about taking a walk on the water.  In my living room I have one picture of Christ. It is a picture of his feet. A picture of him from the knees down, walking on the water. I chose this painting, because in my soul I sense the deep importance of this display to us. The deep importance for us of learning to walk with faith, of coming to understand what it is, why it’s important, and how to develop and use it in our own lives.


For us to grow and stretch, and become more, we have to risk. We have to struggle to stand, to try to walk in the first place. We have to have more faith in our why, in ourselves, and in our supportive universal purpose and God, than in fear.

Tune into the audio program for 3 clips from incredible women about the idea of walking on water.


Martha Beck, the international life coach said, “Every leap into light starts as a leap in the dark.”


I’ll point out the obvious – Every leap into the dark is a step out onto the water…


In episode 78 I did an interview Ganel-Lyn Condie, the popular LDS writer and speaker. We called the show: Trust the Process


One of the things we talked about was that faith is a process – we start by daring to step out of the boat, if we want to walk on water, and from there the process of sinking, rising and walking on water unfolds over and over.  Here’s a clip from our conversation:

Here’s the link to her full episode if you’d like to hear the whole interview:

Episode 78 Interview Ganel-Lyn Condie-Trust the Process


All who try will sink, rise, and walk on water, over and over. It’s the process. And when others are trying, let’s give them credit too. Empathy and understanding in the process is important, so we can all practice and learn with one another’s support.


One important key is that our lives are less about what is going on around us, and more about what is going on inside us. We create the meaning that events have to us. Do we create that meaning around faith or around fear? That’s an important question because the answer will determine very different outcomes.

In my interview with Leslie Householder, the ward-winning international best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Portal to Genius and Hidden Treasures, we discussed this idea of what faith is and how mindset triggers the power of faith.

Tune into the audio episode to hear from Leslie – If you’d like to hear her entire interview, here is the link:


Episode173 – Rare Faith: Interview with Leslie Householder

Another quote by Martha Beck, the internationally renowned life coach, shares some of the real life ways we use faith. She  said, “Anyone who embraces the mender’s way of life must proceed through continual, infinite, breathtaking leaps of faith. Each time you face an unknown future with creativity rather than grasping at known quantities, you leap. Each time you dare to believe your art can sustain you financially, you leap. Each time you trust your tribe, you leap. Each time you embrace a love that lays you bare in body, heart, or soul, you leap. And whenever you begin to disbelieve in yourself, your destiny, your ability to heal some part of the world, you must leap instead into the branches of magic.”

We use faith every day in every way. When we get out of bed, when we attempt something new, when we reach out to someone and risk rejection, when we trust God and things we may not understand, when we choose to trust that living better, kinder, with more love will bring us happier lives than resorting to more basic emotions like anger, hatred, holding grudges. When we work hard at something -going to school, working for a promotion or a new client, stretching into a new area, we are using faith. It’s a very everyday occurrence.


When dealing with faith I think there are a couple different segments of the process. The first is believing enough to step out onto the water – so to speak. 


George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, put it this way, “You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.” This ode to persistence is based on faith. We don’t keep walking into the dark forest unless we believe we have a shot at surviving. This is hope, this is faith, this is persistent action that creates results.


The second, is intentionally using the tools that Leslie Householder just mentioned, tapping into Universal Law and being able to create intentionally through our mindset and belief. 


And the third aspect, I believe, is trusting in God and his grace, because things don’t always turn out the way WE want.


In my interview with Katie Lee, the musician, in episode 131, she shared a gorgeous song that I want to share again on this episode. It’s called Trust Grace.

Tune into the full episode to hear some of her beautiful music and ideas – or use this link to listen to her entire episode:

Episode 131 Interview Katie Lee- It’s Inspirational Music Time


I believe that faith is the first of all principles. Without it we do nothing. Without it we don’t get out of bed in the morning, and with it, worlds can be created.


Learning faith, practicing faith, exercising that faith daily, may be one of the most challenging things we learn how to do, because in using it we are combating fear, and fear is a very real human emotion – that may be the fear of failure, the fear of not being enough, the fear of not being accepted, the fear of death, the fear of not having enough, etc. etc. . But as we come to understand the importance of faith, the concepts behind tapping into the universal laws that support it, and we stretch into trusting God daily, we WILL become more powerful. We will get better at walking on the water. It’s not something we just do on our own, and it’s not something God does for us, it’s a partnership. Faith requires us to believe in his wisdom and his grace, even when we can’t see it. Faith requires us to stretch into the unknown. But it is by faith that miracles happen. It is by faith that we grow and become stronger. It is by faith that we change our world. It is by faith that we create. It is by faith that we walk on water.


Your challenge this week is to consider what you are currently afraid of. What storm is keeping you in the boat, and what one brave move will allow you to step out of the boat? Take it. And know that taking that step, walking, sinking, and reaching out, is all part of the process, over and over as we get stronger. 


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