Episode 215: Interview: Kimberly Hill – Men’s Relationship Coach

Episode 215: Interview: Kimberly Hill – Men’s Relationship Coach

Healthy relationships are one of the most important parts, if not THE most important part of creating a life story that we love.

When it comes down to it, on our death beds, it’s always about the relationships we’ve had, not about how many days we worked, or how many toys we bought.

Intimate relationships are crucial to our well-being. This relationship – the one with our significant other – finding them – the right one, and nurturing a healthy relationship, is, dare I say, a life goal for most.


So, today’s guest, Kimberly Hill, the host of the Self Confidence Project podcast, and men’s life, dating and relationship coach, is here to talk to us about where men are struggling, how to navigate this area with authenticity, common mistakes and how to over come them, and a lot more.


Tune into the audio program for this very cool discussion that’s going to focus on the men of the world.


Kimberly says, “Healthy relationship are not a fantasy. They do exist. But they require more than just love. They require an equal portion of love, compassion, a deep understanding of one’s self, commitment, excitement and effort – from both parties.

Kimberly has thousands of hours of direct work with men on confidence, dating and relationships and brings a mastery of coaching, emotional maturity practices and leadership to her clients.  She gets to the heart of what really matters, and I’m so excited to have an episode that focuses on men, because I think they often get left out of this mind-set work,  so let’s get started…


On the show we start with Kimberly’s story…how she got into this work of helping men with this intimate and super important part of their lives?

We discuss what mistakes men make most in relationships?

I ask her what she thinks is the best mind-set for men in dating, and in relationships?

We talk about life satisfaction and why this is a part of her coaching.

Then we delve into how a man can get a clear vision for his life after a divorce and then set boundaries in his dating?

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and her podcast: The Self-Confidence Project

The Self-Confidence Project is a weekly podcast featuring conversations on life, dating, relationships, confidence and motivation. In each episode, Kimberly talks candidly about the stuff we all face in life and love. She shares an honest perspective to bring you the truth you need to hear – even if it’s not pretty. If you’re looking for relatable content and inspiring advice on how to transform your relationship and dating experience, tune into The Self-Confidence Project.


Your challenge for this week is to look at your primary relationship, or the primary relationship that you want, and take one small step toward making it a little more healthy.


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See you in two weeks for our next episode of how to live your best life story on purpose.

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