Episode 226: Life is Hard, But I’ll Be Okay – Interview Johnny Sirpilla

Episode 226: Life is Hard, But I’ll Be Okay – Interview Johnny Sirpilla

Welcome to the LYS Podcast. Today’s story is of Johnny Sirpilla, his wife Susan, their struggle with infertility, the death of their triplets, and the power of hope, coming through pain, and learning to live with gratitude.


Johnny Sirpilla, founder of Encourage, LLC, and author of Life is Hard, But I’ll Be OK, he is a professional speaker to businesses, communities and universities, about managing thoughts, leading yourself to productive choices and framing each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth.


Right up our alley.

I want to start with a couple reviews of Johnny Sirpilla’s book – Life is Hard but I’ll Be Ok.


Dr. Nido Qubein, President of High Point University, says…

“He has written a book to help anyone deal head-on with any struggle they face so they can become more resilient, eventually heal, and find beauty in the hardship, the silver lining in a dark cloud.”


Srini Pillay, M.D., Harvard-trained psychiatrist, said,

“Johnny Sirpilla takes us on a journey through adversity and reminds us that anyone who is falling apart can put themselves together again at a higher level. With a heartwarming style of writing, he reminds us to find the blessings in our struggles and to explore our shadow selves so that we can live in a more whole and self-forgiving way. Touched by magic himself, Sirpilla will remind you that your own magic is more within your reach than you think. A profoundly touching page turner, this book is a must read.”


Tune in to hear my conversation with Johnny as he shares his story and what he’s learned.

To contact Johnny:



LinkedIn – Johnny-Sirpilla


In a talk by Elder Larry S. Kacher, a Seventy in the LDS Church, called Ladder of Faith, Elder Kacher illustrates what we’ve seen in the Sirpilla’s story. (The Sirpilla family are members of the Catholic church.)


He asks the question, “How will life’s challenges affect our faith in Jesus Christ? And what effect will our faith have on the joy and peace we experience in this life?”


Johnny’s story, and their faith, is a prime example of this – choosing faith has allowed them to find peace.


Elder Kacher goes on, “Accepting God’s will in place of our own is key to finding joy no matter the circumstances….our faith in him, can and will, guide us through the complexities of life. Indeed we find that there is simplicity on the other side of life’s complexities as we remain steadfast in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope.”

This story Johnny has shared today, is one of resilience and the power of managing thoughts to seek gratitude when life is hard – I hope you have found a light in his experience that will shine on your own path.  Remember that though life can be hard, you can be okay.

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