Episode166: Born to Succeed – Interview Braxton Nielsen

Episode166: Born to Succeed – Interview Braxton Nielsen

August 31, 2017 Braxton Nielsen was crushed and paralyzed by a bucking bronco in a rodeo in Filer, Idaho. Growing up his dad always told him he was born to succeed. Those comments created a mindset that would serve Braxton as he faced a broken back. 

Aways interested in rodeo, Braxton placed 8th in the nation in 2017 and then went pro. His dream of becoming a world champion bareback rider was getting closer and closer, but life happened and after the accident Braxton was given less than a 5% chance of walking again. 

Five fused vertebrae’s, two rods, eight screws, numbness in his right leg and can’t feel his left foot. Recover is a long road, but stay tuned today to hear about his journey and to soak in some of that positive attitude that Braxton exudes as he talks about life.


Braxton was born and raised in Roosevelt Utah where he now resides with his lovely wife Heather. He grew up loving the outdoors, spending time with family, and he was a three sport athlete in high school where he received all state awards. Braxton says. “We as individuals were born to succeed. There are no limits. The only one that limits yourself is you. Life is great. Don’t waste a second being unhappy, but be grateful, be positive and truly know that you were born to succeed.”

Tune into the audio program to hear Braxton’s Story and to talk about questions like:

1. When did you know you wanted to rodeo?

2. What type of mental focus does it take to bareback ride?

3. Did that help you deal with this?

4. Tell me about the accident.

5. What happened afterward?

6. When did you decide you were going to beat it?

7. What was it like?

8. What was the hardest part?

9. How did you get through that part?

10. How do you stay so positive?

11. How can other people keep that same attitude when they are faced with their tough spaces?

The thing that stands out to me most about Braxton is his infectious optimism. It’s as if there really is no doubt that we are all incredibly powerful, born to succeed and nothing stands in our way.  Thank YOU Braxton for sharing that faith, that optimism, and for shining a light on what it looks like to truly live big and face our problems head-on.

More information on Braxton: Podcast: Born to Succeed;  #borntosucceed

Your challenge this week is to repeat this mantra – all week long – “I was born to succeed.”  Do it on the way to work. Do it while you’re walking down the hall. Chant it in the shower! The subconscious is what creates our outcomes, and our subconscious is programed by emotion and repetition. There really is power to repetition and belief. Chant, baby chant.

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See you in two weeks on the next episode.

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