Episode 46 How to Re-frame Your Difficult Stories: Step 1 (Workshop 5-Part Series)

Do you want to be free of the stories in your life that make you feel small or that you find shame or guilt around? These stories often affect our self-perception and thus our interpreted self-worth. This workshop is to help you reframe and resee your life in healthier ways. The first episode in a 5-part series that will play during the month of August. Join us each week for the next step in the process. This week is Step 1 – Accept it!

Episode 019 Vulnerability – The Key to Connection and Possibility

While the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted; how we love, and how we lose; how we grow and how we fail is never a new one, it’s a story full of other people. These people, by themselves, lead lives full of the same things, on their own terms, so the space for connection comes when we chose to acknowledge the realness of the journey, to be vulnerable and trust that being open holds more joy and possibility than closing down.

Episode 002 You ARE the Hero of Your Story

Intro: In the Hobbit – subtitled “An Unexpected Journey” one of the favorite lines is: “It’s a dangerous business walking out one’s front door.” In the hero’s journey one must always leave the known, the comfortable, the normal – comfort zone be damned, this is where the possibility begins. This is where adventure and growth…