Episode 77 Interview with Mark Asquith – BUSINESS – Origin Stories: The past defining the future

Every story has a life, and every life has a story.  Today on the Love Your Story podcast I bring to you Mark Asquith, from England, successful entrepreneur also known as the Hot Dog kid. Why do I bring this up – the incident with the hot dog? Because it’s a catalytic story in Mark’s life that made such an impact that over 20 years later it still helps him define what he wants, who he is, and who he isn’t. Stay tuned for my interview with Mark and find out how a sausage can shape your personal brand.

Episode 64 Interview with Emily Chipman – BUSINESS – Managing the Stories Others Have About US

Is it important to address or manage the stories other people have about us? Is it even possible to change the stories others have about us? Today I interview Emily Chipman, an impressive and talented woman and executive coach of CEO of Rusman Consulting. This business-based episode gives hands-on tools for how to manage the stories others have about us, if we need to do so. tune in for actionable steps for changing the way people see you.