Episode 129 Interview Emma Houston: Your Fierceness-Own it! Live it!

What does it mean to accept your own fierce beauty? What does it look like to face cancer with faith in your journey? Emma Houston was appointed in 2016 as Diversity and Inclusion Director by mayor Ben McAdams for the Salt Lake County’s Office of Diversity Affairs. She is the former chairwoman of the Governor’s Office of Ethnic Affairs and former secretary for the YWCA Board and UAA Board. She is a cancer survivor and serves on the Huntsman Cancer Foundation Community Advisory Committee. She is also the chair for the Martin Luther King Commission. She’s here today because she is also a cheerleader–a cheerleader reminding us of our own fierce beauty, power, and control over our growth and attitudes, no matter what life throws our way. Tune in for some cheering!

Episode 94 Interview with Tabitha Trent: We Can Do Hard Things

You are tuning in today for the story of Tabitha Trent – a young married woman with a 2-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with stage III Colon Cancer in January 2017. We talk about her journey of finding your grit, doing hard things, and helping others along the way. We’ve all been touched by cancer in one way or another. Here is a woman willing to share her story of battle and bravery.