Episode 135 Divorce Panel

Marriage and divorce are both common experiences in our culture. Ninety percent of people get married by the time they are 50, and 40-50% end up divorced. None of us get married with the intention of getting divorced, so traversing this slippery mountain slope is not something any of us come prepared for. Today I have asked 5 people who have been through divorce to sit on a panel and share their stories and advice on the topic of divorce. Tune in for some wisdom from people who have walked the path – Doug, Kathy, Jae, Rebekah, and Robb.

Episode 103 Interview Taunia Dawn Terry – Part 1: There Is a Price to Pay for Freedom and Joy

My interview with Taunia Dawn Terry is one that involves one hell of a story, but spoiler alert, it ends with a woman who has beautiful spiritual gifts of intuition and healing. This two-part series includes a story of living through a Satanic ritual, five marriages/divorces, and a transformational path where she discovered how to listen to her higher power, how to face fear, how to pay the price for freedom,  and how to uncover and use her spiritual gifts. Tune in for my interview with Taunia and the first episode in this series.