Episode 65 Interview with Annadel Lemon: Take Back Your Power

When Annadel was 15 years old her father shot her mother and then killed himself in a tragedy that certainly created a difficult story for Annadel. Instead of letting her story hold her back Annadel, “The Freedom Warrior,” instead decided to use her experiences of overcoming negative emotional trauma to help others clearly see their potential and do the same thing, reframing with gratitude, perspective shifts, and allowing for the grief of the moment to be okay. She uses tried and true mentoring techniques and lessons learned on her own journey to help others be more successful, healthy and create better relationships in their lives.  Tune in to hear her story.

Episode 018 Gratitude, the seed from which abundance blooms

We all want abundance. We all want prosperity. The key to open the door is as simple as gratitude—it shows you what you already have, how prosperous you already are, how supported you are by God and the universe where it really counts. And once you truly feel that in your soul, you open for even more to flow into your space of being. The stories we tell about our abundance now set the stage for what will come.