Episode 023 Live Life on Your Own Terms – Interview with Marvin Cassler, Section hiker and Super fan

I want to introduce you to Marvin Cassler. I found Marvin sitting at a booth representing the Pacific Coast Trail – also known as the PCT. This trail starts at the Mexican border and climbs straight up the US to the Canadian border. Endurance. Perseverance. Perspective. Marvin has hiked over 1000 miles of this trail, along with many other long trails, he’s also a super fan, but interestingly he also lives in a storage unit to cut down on expenses so he can travel and create the story he loves. Marvin is living on his own terms.

Episode 021 Get Out of Your Box – Interview with Rusty Lindquist, Author/Speaker Bamboo HR

Rusty tells a story of how his father tried to sacrifice him, as a child, like Abraham was called to sacrifice his son Isaac. After his mother escapes with her two children Rusty’s life gets even more interesting and tragic, and he intuits, at a young age, that his story and his ability to rise above it will create his purpose. Tune in to listen to Rusty’s story and how his determination not to let his story hold him back has created not only a life he is proud of, but a life dedicated to helping others avoid the box of self-limitation.