Episode 90 Your Origin Story: Where are you from? (Guest interview with Will Schaub)

An origin story tells where you’re from and how you got to the place you are now. It often shows your journey of learning and thus helps others know you better, trust you more, and comprehend how they want to interact with you. Spiderman’s origin story is based in receiving his powers from a scientific accident. Batman’s origin story is based in the death of his parents and how this shapes his choices and the trajectory of his life. Wonder Woman’s origin story is one of being raised by all-female Amazonian warriors with a sense of responsibility to the world. Superhero origin stories are fun to look at and they ALWAYS play the major role in the character and their superhero path. As do the stories of our pasts, create for us the forward projection of our lives In today’s episode we talk about how your origin story can help you, and I throw in an interview with Will Schaub, a Vietnamese immigrant and how his origin story of coming to a country as a small child, losing his father, watching his mother struggle to learn a new landscape gave him the roots to overcome his own obstacles in life. Tune in.