Episode 52 Interview with Star Coulbrooke – Poet Laureate of Logan, Utah

Poets take language and weave it into a story that explores the dark corners, the emotional epiphanies, the roller coaster ride of living and dreaming, and the mundane. Poets weave truth, imaginings, blessings, and riots of color. They weave the raw, the vulnerable, the real, and then they sleep on it and start again in the living of their own stories and watching the world and the stories unfolding all around us. Star Coulbrooke, the Poet Laureate of Logan, Utah, has her own story of how she found her poetry, lost her poetry, and found it again as she created her life on purpose. In this interview Star shares some of her personal story, stories and experiences she’s created as the Poet Laureate in a northern Utah university town, and we discuss how the process of living our lives is the process of creating poetry through the details and emotion involved in the wild ride of life. Join us for this beautiful conversation with a woman who creates poetry and helps others to find the poetry in their own lives.