Episode 143 Suicide Panel: “Stay in Your Body” Part 2

Today is Part 2 of the Suicide Panel Discussion. This panel is made up of powerful influencers, and I must admit, just when I thought I knew what one of them was going to say, they surprised me with a different insight. I put together this panel because of my own shock at what is being called the suicide “epidemic.” Tune in for Part 2.

Episode 142 Suicide Panel: “Stay in Your Body”

We all know those feelings of disconnect, alienation and even hopelessness. These are common human emotions. But what is happening that has propelled the idea of taking your own life as a possible solution? Current suicide rates have been referred to as an epidemic. What’s going on? Today I have an amazing panel put together on the topic of suicide. These men and women have personal experience with suicide – either with family members or in Seth’s case, his own personal experience. We have put this panel together because we care. Because suicide as a supposed solution is out of control and we need to find answers, reduce shame, and shine a light of hope.