Episode 60 Interview with Tammy Johnson and the Tragic Death of her Son – A Choice of Perspective

In 2016 a dear friend of mine went through an event that many deem to be the worst thing we can experience. The loss of a child. When I first saw the post on Facebook – the fastest way for news to travel these days – I was in utter disbelief. I couldn’t imagine it had happened, and I had no idea what to say or how to even approach her. I called around to check on her but didn’t think it best to join the throngs of people who would no doubt be pounding down her door with their condolences. It was too soon. I imagined she needed to have time to mourn, adjust, do what people do during something so unthinkable. I didn’t know how she would handle it, she was a single mom who had always been close to her son – he was her whole world. Was she going to be rolled up in a ball? Would she start using drugs to dull the pain? Would she be incapacitated for years? Tune in to find out…

Episode 59 Focus on Your Awesome – Run YOUR Race

We are all familiar with the saying that what we focus on is magnified. The things we spend our time thinking about become a reality for us, so why might I ask, do we so often focus on our weaknesses, the things we don’t feel like we’re good at? Let’s change that. We have a lot of awesome going on already.