Episode 69 Interview with Ben Amos from Engage with Story – BUSINESS – Using Video Strategically

Are you using video to market your business? Are you implimenting strategy around those videos? Today we embark on a business episode in our interview with Ben Amos from Austrailia. Ben is a passionate online video strategist and the host of Engage with Story podcast. He is the founder and creative director of Innovate Media; an online video strategy and production agency based in Queensland, Australia. His podcast is all about exploring the power of storytelling in moving people to action in your business strategy. He talks with expert story artists from around the world deep diving into storytelling for business. I’ve asked him on the podcast today to talk about the angle of strategy.

Episode 009 BUSINESS – The Hero’s Journey Storyline: A strategy tool for leaders

Team leaders, life coaches, team coaches, parents, teachers, strategy planners, anyone who needs to get people on the same page working toward the completion of a project – today’s podcast is especially for you. Stay tuned for a breakdown of the archetypes within the Heroes Journey and how you can use them to make perfect sense of where and how you need your team, family or group to move toward your final goal. In other words….leadership using the oldest and most reliable tool – story.