L - Living I - Intentional and F - Fearless E - Everyday

Find the life hacks that put YOU in control of joyful, connected living.

Leave behind that feeling of disconnect and lack-luster living. These 21 Challenges create connection, fun, possibility and self-care.

Invest in YOU!

Invest in your GROUP!

If you are a team or group leader who wants to provide personal growth and connection within your team/down-line/group, we've got you covered.  Our group program takes your people on a journey to gain a set of life hacks that will open spaces of self-awareness, connection, forward momentum, new ideas, and possibilities.

The three weeks of stretching will provide opportunity for sharing and accountability that create bonds, friendships, and memories.


L.I.F.E. -- Living Intentional & Fearless Everyday

The 21 LIFE Connection Challenges