L.I.F.E. – Living Intentional and Fearless Every day, the 21 Life Connection Challenge


Do you want to feel more joy in living? Do you want more control over living well, creating connection and better relationships? If you’ve been lacking direction on how to do this, or just feeling lazy and disconnected, the 21 L.I.F.E. Connection Challenges are for you. We get better results when we follow a plan – here is the path to more connection, self-care, possibility and fun. Buy the book and start today…even better, buy one for all the seekers in your life and do the challenges together.


Start the 21 L.I.F.E. Connection Challenges

L – Living I – Intentional and F – Fearless E – Everyday

Why 21 LIFE Challenges?

Making a change can feel daunting. It can feel intimidating. Admitting something needs to change can make us feel overwhelmed. Often we doubt ourselves. So, most of us trudge along, knowing we’d like a bit more happiness, but not actively creating it.

That’s why I started doing challenges with my clients. Instead of trying to change who we are all at once, just try one new thing. Just one thing. The 21 LIFE Connection Challenges give you one fun tool to test every day. That’s the magic behind short, experimental, challenges. ANYONE can do something for 1 day. It’s a tasters table that will get you hooked on a new favorite life-hack or two – find what works for you.

I’ve done these for myself, for my clients, and now for you! You can start your challenge today and I’ll be with you every step of the way. Cheering you on and giving you expert, easy-to-implement challenges that have the power to fundamentally change how you see your world.

I’m excited for you to jump in and see what happens!


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