Tell Your Story

"Sit. Feast on your life." -- Derek Walcott

Tell Your Story’s Origin Story:

Tell Your Story was conceived when I was approached by a financial planning firm who wished to provide their clients with a gift - an hour long recording of their life story, how they created their abundance, and life stories they hoped to leave to their heirs.

Why am I Offering This?

As I pulled the pieces of this offer from the financial planning firm together, I realized this service could be expanded to everyone - should be expanded to everyone.

We all have a life story and without recording it in journals, audio or video, when we leave so will all the things we’ve done, learned, and experienced. The lessons, the joys, the bravery, the foolishness our posterity could learn from, our darkest moments and our moments of heel-clicking happiness. Life is real. Life is messy. But the real story is our legacy and keeping that record is the most precious gift we can leave behind.

My Father's Stories

As I listen to the stories of my father I am struck by what a different time he lived in. His life in the 1950’s brought with it things I would never have thought of or considered thinking or doing - chasing hobos, children running unmonitored by their parents, fist fights, and farm work, but that is the beauty of his stories - bringing to life a time that those who come after will only know through the stories of those who were there. I cherish his stories.


Listen to this sample for a blurb of his story.

What Do You Get?

The Tell Your Story package offers a finished 1-hour edited audio interview - a segment of your story - where you are the star. (Additional hours can be added.)

Here is how we get there:

1. Pre-interview to discuss the direction you want to take and to discuss ideas if you’re not certain. This is for me to get clear on the direction you want to go and to help you get clear on the direction you want to go.

2. Story prompt Sheet to provide ideas if needed.

3. 1 hour recorded interview - lead by myself, Lori Lee, just as I lead my interviews on the podcast. You’re the star of the show. These can be conducted in any geographical location as long as you have access to the internet.

4. Fully edited final copy, complete with introduction, conclusion, music and cover photo.

5. 1 hour long (approximately) audio program of your interview: You will receive the finished program via a link and you will have 2 weeks to download your file. You retain full rights to your story. From the interview to the finished product expect a two-week delay.

6. Written transcripts are an optional add-on, if you wish.


Cost: $350 per finished hour of Your Story

Package $3000 for 10 finished hours of Your Story

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