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Love Your Story is a podcast about the power of story, how we use our stories to define and empower us, how we use them to hold us back, and how we can take the prerogative to use them on purpose, reframing and gaining vision for us and others through the stories we tell. I want to help you understand the control you have over your story, and I want to help empower you toward the beautiful, purposeful creation of the life you want to live. I am here to help you fight and overcome self-doubt, the innter critic and the fear that stops so many from embracing and believing in their own power and potential through the stories we tell ourselves. 

Do you want to live brave, bold and joyful? Do you want to be able to reframe the parts of your life story that hold you back because of shame, regret, sadness or fear? Love your story is about giving you the tools and ideas to be able to reframe the stories that limit you, as well as give you tools to live your story forward with healthy ways of thinking, being and creating your story on your terms each day.  It's about celebrating the unique heroic journey we each take, and our control over it.

Stories are our lives in language!

Most Recent Blog Posts

Can You Relate? 15 Memes to Expose Your Inner Voice


All of us know that inner voice. It’s a constant companion that we know as ourselves. This inside voice can also sound like a parent, a coach, or a spouse. Interestingly, science has even found, that when your inner voice is talking, your larynx in your throat actually makes micro-movements, as if you were talking. Your brain lights up like a Christmas tree in the corner of your brain as YOU literally narrate your own life, your actions, and your perceptions. Here’s the thing though, your inner voice can also be your WORST ENEMY if you let it. By taking control of that voice you take control of your future. Enjoy this innervoice journey with these memes.

Overcoming that Critical Inner Voice and the Stories it Creates


We all have it…that critical inner voice that sounds a lot like ourselves but is meaner than a caged wet cat with a child pulling its tail. Yes, you’re not the only one with a voice in your head that tells you you’re ugly, that tells you not to even try, that tries to get you to believe that you’re different, in a bad way, from everyone around you. It’s a little different for everyone, but most of us have a critical inner narrator that seems bent on criticizing us. The results of this determine the trajectories of our lives, so really, it’s a pretty big deal. Read on for 4 steps to start taking charge.

All You Need Is Love – Bring a little love into your story


Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Darkness can’t drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate can’t drive out hate; only LOVE can do that.” Join us today for a discussion on love. While love is always needed, always in style, now more than ever in our crazy and torn world, we need to talk about love. We need to share stories about love.

About me and my podcast

I'm a professional writer and researcher who found a love and intense interest in the personal narrative. I have a Master's degree in Folklore and an ongoing desire to use all the great things I've learned and continue to learn, about story, to add some value to the world, and maybe along the way lift and bless with the crazy cool power that comes with understanding this phenomenal tool. This podcast opens doors you maybe didn't even know were closed. Have a blast throwing the doors open and exploring what is inside! For a further introduction, listen to episode 000.


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